Here’s How you Lengthen the Life of your Mobile Phone

Every other day you get to hear news of mobile phones exploding. Be it in a student’s back pocket or in the overhead luggage. Tech experts claim, smartphones today produces a lot more heat than devices a few years back. The causes may be indistinct but needless to say, the upshots are very dangerous. The least we can do is prevent our little device from such mishaps. Here’s what you need to do (if possible that is).

Stop stumping every now and then

 Almost everyone of us does it! Be it on your office table or on your bed, we seldom care to keep it with care. Worse still, if the phone starts acting up then all we do is thwack it or do anything that should not be done to get it fixed. Don’t hurry! Wait for sometime and try rebooting instead. If it still doesn’t work then it’s time you get it fixed by professionals.

Wet phone alert!

Another instance that might give you a teeny-weeny heart attack is if your phone is drenched or even if you see a few drops of water on it. Panic not. Begin with switching it off, take out the SIM cards and memory card and dry those (of course, gently!) with a dry cloth. Put all the components in a bowl of uncooked rice and keep it covered up for atleast 24 hours. If this doesn’t work, there’s always a service center at your disposal.

NO Off-brand mobile accessories. Period

We often consider buying off-brand products just for the heck of it (thinking we might be saving big bucks) and do not mind spending a lumpsum in something that we can do without. Stop cutting corners when it comes to taking care of your mobile phones. So yes, it’s always branded mobile accessories (battery or charger to be precise) when those are damaged or you lose them.

Do NOT keep your phone in bed while you sleep

How about a day where you wake up to a burning smell with your phone scorching under your pillow and there’s a queer burning smell all over? Not a very good thought isn’t it? But that’s a true story where a Texas teen actually encountered this with her Samsung Galaxy S4. Chance is not something you should take when it can be this hazardous. So keep your phone in a cool place. Your phone needs some rest too, right?

Have any more tip? Please tell me more. I need it too!

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