8 reasons why you need digital detoxification right now

How about severing all ties with all the tech devices you own! Sounds scary, isn’t it? Here’s another catch. If you actually do it (of course for a particular period of time!) then you will probably end up as a person much more organized and stress-free. Now if this sounds intriguing, then it’s time you would want to count on digital detoxification. Digital Detox is a process where one abjures using electronic devices they are constantly in touch with to reduce stress and reconnect with the social world physically. This can be done with the help of various organizations or you can even try it on your own (If it’s at all possible). Devices such as Mobile phones and laptops being your constant partner, you may take a break from these for reasons that are mentioned below.

1. Relaxation mode on: Instead of going to a getaway, you can relax your mind with digital detox. Make a list of things you love doing. Mark check all those things on a particular weekend and see how it works for you.



2. De-stress: Of course, stress goes hand in hand with technology. Be it in your work place or even in a family get together, you can’t do away without those little gadgets. It’s ticking in your mind all the time. Try not straining your mind for sometime and de-stress by staying away from those buzzing-all-the-time devices.



3. Rediscover yourself: Your phone won’t ring anymore, you won’t feel the need to check it umpteen numbers of time and get a lot of time to think. As you think you will tend to uncover a lot of things that needs to be done right away.



4. Eye care: ‘Transient smartphone blindness’ is the latest addition to the list of health disorder caused due to overuse of mobiles. It’s a phenomenon which causes temporary blindness in one or both the eyes. Same can happen when you constantly stare at your laptops as well. Take a break for your eye’s sake.



5. Prevent ailments: Mental disorders such as Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), depression, short temper, irritability, nervousness and palpitation are already known to be a cause for overuse of electronic gadgets. Extreme cases may lead to nausea, breathing trouble, dizziness, chest pain, heart rate acceleration etc. Go slow with those devices to prevent these ailments.



6. More face to face interactions: Considerably decreased number of face-to-face interactions is often termed as ‘Techno stress’. Get rid of it by spending more time with you near and dear ones instead of chit chatting all day on whatsapp.



7. No more ringxiety: ‘Ringxiety’ is yet another symptom where the user looks at the mobile too many times just to ensure if there’s any notification. Yes, you may be one of them. Digital detox is what you need for good riddance from this weird anxiety disorder.



8. More organized: While you take a break from your smart phone and other such devices, you tend to concentrate on things that need to be sorted. Regular practice of digital detox will slowly make you much more organized a person that will help you in the long run.


Enough said! It’s time for me to get away from this laptop right now.






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