8 nifty websites you should bookmark for life

All you netizens out there, we have some really cool stuff for you! It’s time you employ your broadband connectivity for something you can thank us later. Here are 7 cool websites which can be put to use whenever in need and should be bookmarked for life.

1. Techguy

Gone are the days when you have to call and wait for that guy to get your computer or laptop fixed. Either they never turn up before making multiple calls or you have to wait for days to get it done. Here comes Techguy to the rescue. It’s a site run by a host of volunteers who are experts in this field. So drop in your queries and work on your little device like a pro.

2. Duolingo

Amores Perros, Mamma mia!, Les Misérables….The list endless. Well, these are just a few examples of famous movies that made us scratch our heads and search for their meanings in English. Not anymore. Flaunt your multilingual genius by studying any language you wish to learn online with Duolingo. Just log into their website and learn a bit more with each proceeding level. You get to listen, speak, write and do all that it takes to get a hang of it. Warning: It’s quite addictive.

3. Coursera

Missed out any course that you’ve been longing to study? Perk up your résumé with Coursera. It’s an online platform that offers all kinds of courses under the sun. It partners with some of the top notch names in the educational world hence giving you an edge over your peers.

4. Skyscanner

So you have to urgently book a flight but the exorbitant fares are giving you headache? Skyscanner can be a good antidote to this problem. It’s a global travel search site where you get all the possible options for cheap flight tickets and compare those at the same time. Once you zero in on the cheapest possible fare, they provide you a link that directly lands you to the booking page without any hidden charges or added fees.

5. Hostel Bookers

If cheapest flight fares were not enough, we have some more good news for you. Hostel Bookers is a hotel or hostel booking site which connects you to youth hostels and cheap hotels in over 3500 destinations worldwide. So students who wish to study abroad or people with crunchy budget who dream to be a globetrotter, it’s time to pack your bags.

6. HowStuffWorks

This website is ideal for those inquisitive souls who make it a point to skim over Wikipedia at least once a day. Switch over to something much more intuitive with HowStuffWorks. It claims to be an interesting source of unbiased, reliable, easy-to-understand answers and explanations of how the world actually works. So without further ado, check out if it works for you as well.

7. Strip Creator

Are you still addicted to Marvel comics? Is Cartoon network still your favourite channel? Probably it’s time you be one of them now. Stripcreator is one such website that allows you to create your own comic strips. Do it yourself here and keep that little child in you alive forever.

8. A Good Movie to Watch

If you’re a movie buff and done with your to-do watch list, then wait. A lot more can be added to that list with the help of a website called ‘A Good Movie to Watch’. They bring to the fore movies that were overlooked and deserve far more love than they get. It seems you’ve already planned how to spend this weekend.

Yes, you can thank us now.



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