6 useful apps you must have for a sorted life

Let’s face it, we can’t imagine a day without our favourite apps–WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Shareit to name a few. Yes, we definitely need them as we are helplessly addicted to stay ‘connected’. But there’s a world beyond these apps which equally deserves your time and phone space. These apps can help you lead a more productive and sorted life, if put to use wisely. And no, we won’t be suggesting any Gaming or Music app. But yes, like all your favourite picks these app too comes for free!


Nowadays, more or less all of us have become readers–Readers of online content that caters to our taste and preference. The problem is we barely get ample amount of time to spend on it. How about an app which would store all your favourite articles at one place that you could read at one go, whenever you’re free? Pocket App does the trick. So from now on whenever you scroll through the internet, make sure you copy the link of the article you wish to read and store it on Pocket for viewing it anytime later. The best part? You can put off your data connectivity or WiFi and read it offline without any disturbance.



“Overcome stress and negative thoughts. Build resilience.”– That’s the catchline of ‘Happify’ website, now also available as a phone app. Happify claims it will help you take control of your emotions with their effective tools and programs. From quizzes to journals, you’ll find ways to focus on your strength and overcome stress with techniques analyzed by experts from all over the world. So, you can try Happify and be your own psychoanalyst for a change.




This app is apt for all you nomophobics and mobilephone addicts out there. Well, apparenty Nomophobia is an anxiety disorder where one constantly fears of losing their mobile and almost all of us are more or less afflicted with it.  Touted to be the “best cure for phone addiction”, Forest app can help you deal with this. It all starts with you planting a seed and when you leave your phone aside, a tiny tree starts to grow. Lesser your phone activity, more it grows. In case you start scrolling up and down on social networks, the tree withers away. Interesting thing about this app is, it is self motivating where you have an option to share your forest and share with your friends as well. Bonus! If you manage to collect a lot of coins, you can use them to donate to environmental projects around the world. Motivating indeed!




Over the years, Google is working on this app a lot rigorously. With this app you can translate over 100 languages online and over 50 languages offline. Translations via typing, handwritten words, symbols and voice have already worked wonders. Recently, it has included another feature where words are recognized via camera. This app is ideal for those who are interested in learning different languages and of course, a handy app while you are on a travelling spree.




News in 60 words! Yes, no opinion or redundant information anymore. You get updated about the latest tidings in a much lesser time than you spend on reading a newspaper or watching a news channel. Whether you’re travelling or getting bored somewhere, Inshorts will keep you posted about the current affairs on the go.



My Journal Diary–as the name suggests, it is definitely for people who love to maintain a diary. But it is also a very handy app for those who are absent-minded or couldn’t remember things those are important. It works like a sticky note on your phone. This app has an awesome user interface with a variety of options to choose from. Tip: Note down your bank details, PAN and passport details, important addresses and other important credentials which you might need anytime, anywhere.



Guess it’s time you move your eyes from Facebook and do something really productive!




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