5 Powerful Tech Trends to Boost Sales for your Business

Web enabled efficiency pitched with business intelligence has been gaining grounds for the past couple of years to boost sales. The challenge is to cope with the technological trends that keep evolving now and then. All that the organizations need to do is to stay on the cutting edge to enhance their marketing strategies. Besides market research and leveraging their resources accordingly, there are other attributes that have now become the need of the hour. Let’s skim over five such emerging tech trends that may play your ace for your business.

1. Dependence on a CTMO: A lot of businesses are yet to recognize the nuances of technology and how it should be used for marketing effectively. Here comes a CTMO to the rescue! In a world where marketing goes hand in hand with technology, it’s time your organization employ a Chief Marketing Technology officer (CTMO). They not only help you cope with the latest digital trends but also manoeuvre their marketing skills accordingly.

2. Landing page optimization: What can be better than your prospective customers directly landing on an engaging standalone webpage simply by clicking through online advertisements or e-mails! Landing page optimization, also known as conversion rate optimization is an online marketing system devised exclusively with the objective of increasing the number of leads or prospective clients. Make sure your landing page clearly focuses on the unique selling propositions (USP) of your organization instead of beating around the bush.

3. Online Reputation Management: Your organization maybe working like a beaver for its brand promotion but its reputation might take a nosedive if it does not consistently maintain pleasantries with the users online. Thanks to the social networking fad, Online Reputation Management (ORM) is now preferred by quite a number of middle to big businesses. How will you know where you’re going wrong? Switch to ORM tools that keeps track on the online activity of the organization and acts as a key performance indicator as well.

4. Leverage Social Media in lead analytics: Whether you belong to B2B or B2C concern, it would be considered as a cardinal sin if you’re yet to put to use social media drives in customer analytics. To get off the grounds, lead generation following the latest social media tools should be in your to-do list of marketing strategy. Social media is one of the most important lead magnets where online activity of the users on their networking sites could be captured. Besides Google analytics, you can also count on Facebook Insights and Twitalyzer (they come for free!) to get a grab of the interests and experiences of your prospective customers.

5. Blockchain technology: Technologists vouch for this technology that underlies bitcoin where you do not need a trusted administrator to maintain a secured database. It serves as a public ledger for all transactions maintaining a list of records that is secured from tampering. Although it has faced law enforcement and international currency controls controversies, it is still considered as a winner in the latest web automation innovations.

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