Possible ways in which drones will change our lives for the better – A change in the horizon

Besides what drones can do for the military, they can even prove themselves to be highly capable of playing the roles of sheep herders, tour guides, delivery boys, archaeologists, filmmaker and even spies! It is certainly astounding to know the global economic potential of drones. A study made in 2013 said that the worldwide market for UAV (unmanned aerial vehicles) had reached $90 billion. Proponents of this particular machine are earnestly showing their interest in pointing out how these machines will make things better.

You may read on the rest of the article to stay glued at the ways in which drones can bring about a drastic change in the way we lead our lives.

Drones help fight against global warming

It started off in 2013 when NASA sent remote-controlled planes which were armed with equipments for monitoring to carry on some unusual and remarkable measurements of the tropopause’s thickness, which is the liquid layer between troposphere and stratosphere. In laymen’s words, they were checking how water vapor interacts with ozone and what led to the change in climate.

Offer exclusive news coverage

When huge crowds or warzones make it extremely tough or impossible to get full pictures, drones prove to be extremely useful gadget providing access to stories which would be tough for a reporter to cover and capture at the same time. This is the main reason behind their sudden popularity in newsrooms.

Send medical supplies to localities which are hard to reach

In the entire world at the present moment there are more than 1 billion people who reside without getting proper access to roads which clearly indicates that 1 billion people have no access to medical emergency. With the invention of drones like Matternet, there will be a welcoming change. Their goal is to develop an easy network of trustworthy UAVs for organizations like Doctors without Borders to supply medical aid within minutes instead of taking weeks.

Increase effectiveness of agriculture

Like a doting parent, majority of the farmers are too much concerned about the health condition of their crops. Conventionally this would mean carrying on a survey of the fields with satellites or aircraft but this can soon get fast and expensive. Thanks to the drones that they can now fly low towards the ground and stream videos and photos and collect samples of water and soil to notify the farmers about the huge spread of fields and condition of crops.

Extinguish wildfires

It goes without mentioning that combating a fire in the forest is not only serious and complicated but also dangerous at the same time. Flames suddenly flare up and conditions may keep changing rapidly without notice. People on the grounds get clogged due to thick smoke and clouds. This is where the roles of drones come in, collecting details and sending information on the condition of wind in real time. With the help of robotic precision, the drones can even snuff flames themselves.

Build bridges

Bridge building is indeed a dangerous undertaking as it requires tons of money and manpower. This is the reason behind so many engineers developing ways of outsourcing the hassle to several teams of drones which have proved themselves to be successful in weaving and building suspension bridges of smaller sizes.

Privacy law has always lagged behind surveillance technology for many years now and it has probably has got something to do with the fact that citizens fail to predict what the issue is but they can clearly see what the drone surveillance can be like.

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