Samsung Gear S3: The promise of being an incredible

With the tagline, “Timeless outside. Revolutionary inside”, this Samsung S3 gear is a classic case of a watch getting smarter. The seemingly innocuous exclusive watch is what your smart phones do and much more. Built with advanced technology to take away any gizmo lover’s breath, this new edition will certainly keep you empowered without the charger even on small getaways (as per the claims). Well! the trailer certainly promises an awesome, adrenaline-pumping journey, but let us have a closer look on the product.

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OS: Trizen based wearble OS 2.3.1, Memory: 768MB + 4GB, Sim: embedded, Battery: 380mAh (3-4days) with wireless charging support as well IP68 water and dust resistance, inbuilt with microphone, speaker and Linear Motor, Connectivity: LTE, BT, wi-fi and GPS enabled.

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Go for a run, biking, on a mountain climbing spree or even for golfing, this luxurious watch will help you to answer calls and even make calls, read messages and effortlessly go to any app of your choice. All you have to do is just twist the bezel and you can be where you want. However, the Bluetooth model will require a wi-fi connection for phone free calls. If you are lost on the mountain trails, the GPS can find you. Moreover,

Samsung promises it to be big.

This certainly promises to be a grand addition for the adventure lovers, where the simple watch becomes much more than just reading the time. The price has not been announced so far.

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