Pokemon Go: Trivia that will drive you mad!

While you were playing Pokemon Go all this while, you might not have realized that this insanely popular game has been helping you with your depression (if any). Yes, a just a few days after its release, its users took to Twitter to express how the game had actually helped them to go out of their homes and beat one of the biggest evils associated with depression – isolation. The location based game is encouraging more people to go out of their homes and experience fresh air and sunlight. Here is a list of other such crazy Pokemon Go trivia that every lover of the game should learn about.


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The app can even send you to the graveyard!

Yes, if you haven’t really experienced it yet, there are players who are directed to the “weirdest” of pokestops that even include the graveyard. Besides graveyards, some of the most bizarre pokestops include strip clubs (near), police stations, gyms and even inside places of worship!

Learning about its user base will drive you mad

Pokemon Go already commands a user base as big as that of Twitter. While the game is yet to release globally (countries like Malaysia, Singapore and a few others are yet to experience its magic), it, as per reports, has garnered as many fans as Twitter does- at least, opening the app on a regular basis.

Is it dangerous too?

One of the most dangerous allegations leveled against the game (well… sort of) is that its social component has been misused to scheme robberies as well. As per a police report (Missouri), 4 teens had actually made use of the game’s geo-location attribute on 10th July just before 2 a.m. to gauge the degree of seclusion and the location of unsuspecting victims.

Tinder isn’t “spared” as well

The game’s unprecedented popularity has not only challenged the popularity of Twitter but that of Tinder as well. It was reported that the game had been downloaded more frequently on Android than Tinder. The average time spent on the app (43 minutes) has reportedly surpassed that of Snapchat (23 minutes) and Instagram (25 minutes) as well.

Nintendo’s unimaginable jump

With Pokemon Go, Nintendo’s valuation actually experienced a whopping increase (by $9 billion!!!!). The previous mobile app released by Nintendo never really went on to experience half as success as this one! Except these two, Nintendo hasn’t really had any previous experience in mobile gaming.
With further additions of social features, the app is only expected to experience further leap in popularity.

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