If you love Prisma get rid of this blatant misconception

While Nintendo is yet to recover from its plummeting fortunes (after news broke out that it is not behind the creation of Pokemon Go), the popularity of Pokemon Go itself is clouded in uncertainty – thanks to this insanely popular photo app Prisma – which has made its debut in Android (after iOS) as well. Not even two months since its worldwide launch (across ten countries on June 10) and there already are more than 1 million photos stamped with the “Prisma” hashtag.

Prisma: Tracking the popularity of this fantastic photo app

Good enough. Technology itself thrives on change and sometimes on the harsh relegation of the old as obsolete. Prisma’s unequivocal acceptance is heartening for its makers and users alike. As a geek myself, I would easily rate Prisma as one of the top ten apps to be launched in the past year and half- simply because of its sheer ability to utilize Artificial Intelligence to comprehend the nature of photos before rendering them with insane tweaks – that are- quite honestly- way beyond what the Instagram makers had envisioned. If all this time you thought that those Instagram filters were stunning then do take the trouble to take a look at those million photos already redrawn by Prisma. The app can detect the pattern of the photo (after you have selected it along with the artist in whose painting style you want it to be rendered) and offer a desirable tweak. The renderings can put all those Instagram filters to shame.

HORROR HORROR: Not this MYTH now!! Try to understand what Prisma is

However, much to my horror, I found some of my ill-informed friends gushing about Prisma- so much so that they think it will replace Instagram. No not really! Please note that Prisma actually describes itself as an “editor for Instagram” so there’s actually no question of replacing Instagram at the first place.

In fact I have serious doubts whether or not Prisma will at all push Instagram into oblivion in the future- quite simply because Prisma lacks Instagram’s “scope”. The former is NOT Social Media!!!! While it can jolly well be an artistic addition to your app portfolio it is yet to command the kind of social engagement that Instagram does. What else? The app itself is dependent on Facebook and Intagram as far as its exposure is concerned (since it prompts you to share your “Prismatic” rendering on Instagram and Facebook).

There are strong suggestions that Alexey Moiseenkov is finally going to sell this app to Facebook. Prisma is only going to grow from there but not as a fiercely independent force.

Prisma will not really replace Instagram in the near future just as Instagram did not replace Facebook. So all the Insta fans out there you need not be psyched out right now. Keep creating those insta hits and swing your way to the oh-so-coveted insta-glory. There is no question of plummeting popularity as far as Instagram is concerned – at least, Prisma is not going to be the reason behind the same.

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