Google Daydream View VR: A Road to Virtual World

Amid Google IO 2017, the firm declared a critical push ahead for Daydream: independent headsets. Daydream is their latest product to give the user the power to experience virtual reality in a far better way than their previous cheap cardboard VR. Basically it for those people who cannot afford Oculus Rift, HTC VIVE but still want a decent VR experience. It is a more robust product that has the power to offer better results on Android Nougat and upcoming ones.

VR going independent

Unlike other VR devices, it has its own material design which is appealing enough with the gray premium quality build. The firm authoritatively confirmed about the gossip that it would be launching independent Daydream headsets which won’t need any external mobile phones as all necessary parts and hardware’s will be pre-installed. Though Google is currently working with Qualcomm for this new design still it hasn’t yet teased it.


One of the best accessories of the Google Daydream VR is the Remote which comes along with the Headset. The team has made this very handy so that it becomes easy interacting with things in the VR World. This remote has a volume rocker, 2-4 buttons and a clickable top trackpad. The Motion Sensor feature gives a great experience from adventure games to racing games where you can steer cars and move the character as per your wish just by tilting the remote.

Platforms of Google Daydream View VR

Designing applications for VR are different for different platforms as poorly designed applications or performance issues can make users feel drastic. That’s why to overcome this issue Unity and Epic game engines have increased their support for Daydream so that the developers can roll out their next projects easily. Google Daydream aims to provide users an interactive and adventurous VR experience. They are also working on making the Android Nougat and O as VR friendly as possible. The low latency feature will help the movements of the user reflect faster with less delay. The sustainable power mode will also maximize the battery usage, unlike the Cardboard one. Google implemented complex head tracking algorithms for all those Daydream ready device’s sensors.

Newly updated phones to have better support

Google stated in the recent Google IO this year that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 plus along with LG’s V30 will have better support of the daydream VR. In the case of Pixel and Pixel XL and some Moto devices, it is sealed in the OS. HTC, Xiaomi, Lenovo and many others are on the upcoming list. ZTE Axon 7, Moto Z, Huawei Mate 9 pro and specifically Asus Zenfone AR which is the first tango enabled device and supports AR will support Daydream at ease.

Though the ZTE one hasn’t yet got the Nougat update, still google and ZTE both announced at the CES that it is going to roll out soon, making it one of the cheapest smartphones to support Daydream. Lots of upcoming things are lined up so gear yourself so that you don’t miss out on anything.


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