Are fitness wearable gadgets actually barring your progress to some extent?

With the invention of too many wearable fitness gadgets, people are increasingly becoming dependent on them. But as long as fitness and health is concerned, isn’t it true that the technology gadgets which are actually created to help you are actually barring your progress? Fitness tracking gadgets are a vital part of the looming wearable market and they have become extremely popular with the health conscious people and also set a sudden boost to the fortune of the gadget manufacturing companies.

As per researches, consumer expenses throughout the world in 2014 on fitness and health gadgets reached more than $200 billion and wearable devices captured majority of the market. In fact it was seen that Fitbit alone gathered a sales of $1.9 billion in 2015 and that the company predicted revenue which could have surpassed $2 billion in this year.

Nevertheless, still there are few experts who are of the opinion that this trend is going counterproductive in some ways.
Are you adding more stress when your aim should be to reduce it?

As long as fitness gadgets are concerned, you should ask yourself whether or not you’re taking more stress when you should actually take less stress. If you spend so much time in continuously tracking your activity, even more than how you remain engaged in performing the activity, don’t you think this will bar your progress?

Gadgets become an overriding part of their life

It’s true that the wearable fitness gadgets can actually assist the wearers in changing their bad habits like consuming too many calories, not exercising and many more such habits. If you become more aware of what you’re eating and what your physical condition is, then that’s pretty good for you. But it is most often seen that too many people are so much committed to such tech gadgets that they start becoming an inseparable part of their lives.

There are some users who find such apps and tools beneficial as they follow a routine about their workout and also their diet plan. But they need to realize that this is not a magic wand, holding on to which you can lose weight out of nothing. Experts also suggest that such devices should be used after taking advice from doctors as there are many gadgets which don’t offer accurate results and hence it can gradually get confusing for the users and may even mislead them.

Fitness experts claim that the most apt form of exercise is to walk at a pace where you can talk and walking just after 15 minutes of eating is perhaps the best time to exercise your body. For some, joining a weight reduction program may be a better option and for some others the sense of belonging can help them get more motivated. Regularly using the gadgets makes them feel a sense of belonging which is important for them.

More companies offering health programs

As there is increased acceptance of wearables, there are more companies offering new health programs as a portion of the culture of their company. 40% of the companies boost people or offer them wearable devices in offices for tracking wellness, health and productivity. Studies reveal that such companies are encouraging the use of tech gadgets because they are of the opinion that the healthier the employees are, the fewer sick leaves they would take.

So, the bottomline is that you shouldn’t allow the act of tracking your steps or health to dominate the personal health strategy that you follow. You continue with your own strategies and let it track on its own. Don’t take extra pressure about it.

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