Extremely effective and useful tech gadgets for teachers –The transformation of classrooms

This is undoubtedly the season for tech and as per an annual review of more than 30,000 digital classroom wish lists created by teachers; this is their first priority these days. With more and more items like maker space kits and 3D printers appearing on the lists we count, there is a definite shift towards technology inside classrooms. While tech can be trending, if one needs to grant these wishes, this may require several parents who would take a small step each to bring this welcome change.

Whenever we think of technology inside a classroom, our minds tend to think of tablets at the first place which have already been employed by a number of schools. Although this trend has been creating the biggest buzz, the possibility of technology doesn’t come to an end, particularly with regards to tech for teachers. Here is a list of tech gadgets for teachers who are eager to improve the way they impart education to their students.

Trust Wireless Presenter: Previously, teachers were usually stuck with chalkboards and later on with whiteboards whenever they had to give presentations. But thanks to the advancement of technology and to the invention of wireless presenters, they are now able to roam throughout the classroom and yet present a literally spot-on presentation. The laser point will fit into one of your hands easily and you can control the clicks with the index finger. Best part is that you don’t need to but any other software and you can interact wirelessly by pressing ‘Connect’ on the USB receiver and then on the presenter.

iPAD AIR: Are you a teacher in a school where your students own an iPad but you don’t? Well that is something which can’t be excused as you being the teacher who has to have control on this stressful environment will deserve some top-shelf tech gadgets. There’s iPad Air from Apple, where the company has improved their already stalwart tablet with a better LCD screen and an extremely slim body. Hence, it’s high time you get your own iPad Air 16GB for $499!

Wakom Inkling: Taking down notes is not only a part of learning but is also a crucial part of teaching. This is the digital age and pen and paper won’t go too far. You must be wondering what this Inkling is, well it is a digital sketching tool from the company Wakom which allows you to create drawings on any surface like paper and transfer them to your Mac. This model is designed for artistic renderings and it has a ballpoint nib. It will not only work perfectly for taking down notes but also for sketches, thereby making it a wonderful piece of classroom gadget.

Acer PICO C120: Don’t you think that the interactive whiteboard is a dynamite product? If answered yes and if you’re looking for some portable projector, you may choose the Acer Pico C120 because it is portable enough fit inside your pocket, can be powered by a laptop through USB and is an ideal option for best Powerpoint presentations. However, the only major drawback is that this isn’t compatible with Macs and hence you can only use it through your PC.

Numonics Intelliboard Interactive Whiteboard: This particular technology uses the concept of dull and dusty projectors and converts it into clean, high resolution experience and delivers image quality of 1000 lines per inch. Teachers are allowed to draw or write over images which are projected and use the stylus as a mouse or pen. The system is an expensive one and it also of high quality.

Gone are those good old days of books and chalkboards in classrooms. This is the age of high-tech generation and hence if you wish to enhance the impact of your teaching in classrooms, consider having any of the above mentioned tech.

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