Things you didn’t know your smartwatch could do – What else could you do on your wrist?

You might have been impressed with the key features of your smartwatch which you had recently bought but thanks to the developers who have intruded into the developer platform of Android Wear that it can also do some extremely advanced and fancy stuff. Though smartwatches still can’t turn on your coffee machine or unlock your car doors on your behalf, yet there are some interesting things that they can do.

Presently there numerous apps that are available for Android Wear which are available on the Android market and this clearly means that too many users have scrolled through the pages of apps in search of the brand new ones. Below listed is a collection of apps and features which you never knew your smartwatch could do. Check them out.

Speedometer: Majority of the smartwatches powered by Android Wear have an in-built GPS sensor and even if it doesn’t have, your smartphone does. If you have an app called Speed Wear, it can immediately turn your smartwatch into a speedometer. This app is perfect for biking, running, hiking as the app shows its users their present speed, average speed and also the top speed and saves them within the app. However, be aware that some devices might not be 100% accurate as the GPS chip may not be perfect in the phone.

Look Behind spy cam: Those who have a little James Bond within them will be rather happy to know that they can use their smartwatch as a spy camera. You can essential let it act as a viewfinder through which you can watch whatever your tablet or smartphone is recording. With LookBehind, the users can utilize their tablet or smartphone to record some video and soon the app will stream the video to your wrist. The users can see what is there behind them; through the corner and even while you’re working. Set it up fast and use the app on your watch.

WearAware: You might not know this but there are certainly few apps on the Android Market store which help its owners find out a lost smartphone. In case you’re someone who often loses his phone, this is an app for you. It acts as a leash to the smartphone which is paired to it and it will soon start vibrating as soon as you walk away from the phone. The best thing about this app is that it is completely free of cost.

Remote Camera Shutter: This works in a similar way as LookBehind as mentioned above. Those users with the Google Camera app can easily use a smartwatch as a remote for both recording a video and taking photos. By using Google Camera, you can easily launch the app from Android Wear and tap on it to click a photo. This is an ideal option for sneaky photos, group photos and many other things. Although you’ll get a number of apps in PlayStore, Google Camera is the best one for you.

Android Wear Audio recorder: Did you know that Android Wear can even record some of your conversations? The Wear Audio recorder utilizes the built-in microphone and the Android smartwatches can record audio. You can launch it and run it in the background, even when the face of the watch is turned off.

Therefore, if you already own a smartwatch or you’re eager to buy one, make sure you know about all the functions and features that you may reap benefits of. Do your bit of homework to learn more on such devices.

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