A Few Words about Eco-friendly Gadgets for your Home

We’re talking about the green revolution. Yes! Everyone seems to be interested in environment friendliness today and this interest has manifested itself in each and every part of our lives. We are looking at a future where “green” will not really be restricted to awareness campaigns or green drives or for that matter to books. Eco-friendly homes are a reality today. Environment friendly gadgets are much coveted as well. However, the sad truth is, every company today will try to pass off its product as eco-friendly – sometimes even if they are not so.

Going green what you should do

As such, it becomes very important for consumers to keep themselves aware of the right ways to purchase eco-friendly gadgets. For instance, you might as well come across sellers comparing their products with old items that don’t even exist today. When compared to the newer models, the product thus marketed may not turn out to be a worthy buy. So, it is important to conduct your own research before buying an environment-friendly gadget. Continuing with old gadgets as long as they are performing for you is also a means to keep your carbon footprints under control, since the creation of new gadgets involves substantial amount of emissions related to shipping and manufacturing.

Illustration of a bar code with text, grungy look, isolated on white background. To indicate sustainable product and services.

Eco-friendly packaging of gadgets: Things to know

Gadgets packaged in an environment friendly manner are also branded as eco-friendly. Several companies, today, have started using wood for packing their products instead of plastic. However, wood will only be considered to be environment friendly when it is procured from bamboo- since it grows fast and is found in abundance. Talking of plastic, let us tell you that it is not that bad for the environment as well- since it is durable and can last for a long time thereby minimizing the need for manufacturing of new products and shipping the same.

Environment-friendly Gadgets

Your research would even tell you about a few environment friendly gadgets that can be a part of your homes. The fact that you can go the eco-friendly way even with a charger (and not necessarily an expensive gadget) substantiates what we have already said. Green revolution has touched even the minutest part of our lives.  The SunPort solar charger can even help you charge your device on the move. It doesn’t have solar panels attached to its body but uses solar energy to charge your device.

Are you mad about coffee? Then, you must check out The Girasol Solar Coffee Maker. Designed by Christopher G. Patton, this particular device is also powered by solar energy. Preparing a piping hot cup of coffee is literally a breeze! And guess what? You aren’t even harming the environment.

Solencia Lucy is another piece of beauty which can be a part of your home, owing to its environment friendly aspect. It is a smart lamp which reflects the sunlight falling on it.  This is a great fit for rooms that remain dark most of the times even if they have doors and windows.



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