5 Smart travel gadgets which you can carry to your next holiday – The world is changing!

With the advancement in the field of tech and gadgets, now the gadgets that are being designed are being done to make you trip more fun and easier. The lightest 13-inch laptop, the world’s thinnest tablet, the first-ever wireless earbuds – these are some of the groundbreaking gadgets which have been shown in Las Vegas at the International CES in 2016 which was attended by 180,000 attendees. Tech is changing in such a way that it can soon fill up your suitcase. With that in mind, which of the tech gadgets should you carry to your next vacation? TechiStudent rounds up some of the best travel gadgets to take on a holiday during 2016 and 2017. Check them out.

#1: Bluesmart Smart Suitcase

Literally, this is a suitcase which does everything for you. You might end up getting lost abroad but your Smart Suitcase won’t. It has been created with a built-in GPS facilities which will allow you to track it from anywhere in the world and hence you can bid goodbye to all worries of your luggage going missing. You can control the Bluesmart smart suitcase through your mobile app which is ideal as long as your smartphone doesn’t run out of battery. Guess what? The smart suitcase has also got an in-built power bank which lets you charge your phone up to 6-times.

#2: Smart padlocks

Although the smart suitcase given above seems awesome, yet at 300 pounds it may cost you more than your travel expenses. Instead, if you get yourself a 10 pounds case from eBay you can still connect it with smart Bluetooth padlocks from master Lock or Noke that allows you to unlock your belongings using your phone’s app. Isn’t this a superb solution as you won’t have codes to forget and keys to lose?

#3: Bluetooth headphones and speakers

A holiday can never be complete without music as you may need it when you’re chilling out on the beach or when you’re traveling from one place to another to get rid of boredom. However, music when played on your music player or phone can make you an annoying traveler and hence a pair of headphones would always be appreciated by your fellow travelers. You can get yourself a 50 pound headphone, the Inateck Aries. The wooden designed earphones actually look expensive and they sound truly great for people looking for a smaller budget.

#4: Mobile Wi-Fi or Mi-Fi

As data roaming can get costly, the last thing that you would need is to pay for your internet charges on your tablet, phone and laptop. Mi-Fi lets you share a mobile connection from one SIM to up to 10 different devices which means you only have to pay once. The TP-Link M7350 has got a built-in LCD screen which shows you the battery which is remaining and how strong the signal is. It has also got a microSD slot which gives you the permission to share around 32GB of storage through other network devices.

#5: Fitness trackers

There are people who think that their idea of a great holiday is lot of hiking and seeping in the beautiful culture. If walking is what you’re interested in, tech can help you track things. The fitness trackers will tell you how far you’ve gone, what your heart-beat rate is, how much calories you’ve burnt and so on. How close are you to your daily fitness goal? With trackers from Fitbit, it is possible to know everything.

Therefore, if you’re eager to know the latest tech gadgets that you can take inside your suitcase, you can consider the above mentioned ones.

Image source: http://cdn.gearpatrol.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/travel-small-gear-patrol-camera.jpg

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