5 Last-minute tech gadgets you can gift during Christmas – A perfect guide for an idler

Christmas is the perfect time for exchanging gifts but knowing what you can exactly give your friends can definitely be a big challenge. You may have already received your gifts from your friends and if you have got your Christmas cards online, you can well understand that your friend must have been preparing for it since August or September. And you’re here on the other side that still couldn’t plan anything in return just because you’re a big idler. If your friends are tech freaks or gizmos, you still have hope as there are a number of last-minute tech gadgets that you can give as gifts for Christmas. Want to know some of them? Here is a list for all the idlers who still haven’t thought of any gift for their friends. Check them out.

#1: Amazon Echo Dot (Second generation)

One of the best gifts under $50 which you can get for one of your friend is the second generation Amazon Echo Dot. Amazon’s virtual assistant is Alexa and just as it allows you to do everything; you can play music, control the smart-home devices, tell you a joke and even allows you to set a timer. Although the audio quality won’t be extremely well but you can definitely connect it to your speaker system or stereo. When you’re on a tight budget, this can definitely be a good gift.

#2: Google Chromecast Audio

Do you think that you don’t need voice control and that you could rather save a few bucks here and there? The Chromecast Audio will cost you $35 and it turns any old boombox, stereo or other dusty PC speakers within a wireless system. You just have to tap on a button on your tablet or phone apps like Pandora, Spotify, iHeart Radio, NPR One and the music can be transported to the bigger speakers through Wi-Fi. It works with iPads and iPhones with some specific apps but Android users can send any type of audio from their smartphone without any limitation.

#3: Roku Streaming Stick

Would you like some gift for some movie or TV fan? If answered yes, you wouldn’t ever go wrong with Roku Streaming Stick. This is a little $50 streamer which turns any HDMI-equipped TV into a gateway to online entertainment like Amazon, Netflix, Vudu, Sling, YouTube, HBO Now and all the other streaming channels. For a person who loves to watch Television and is a channel buff, this can be the best option.

#4: Amazon Fire TV Stick with Alexa

The 2016 version of Amazon’s Fire TV Stick isn’t a great option as the Roku Stick but its $10 cheaper and it includes a new Alexa-enabled voice remote system. The Alexa Voice Remote is the latest expensive devices which stream video from Amazon, Netflix, Sling TV and HBO and all the other online services. This gadget is just as responsive as all the other devices which mean that it is lightning fast and is also available at a reasonable cost.

#5: Logitech X100

How about the Logitech X100 wireless Bluetooth speaker which can play audio files from a tablet, smartphone or other computers? This device is priced at $60 but if you can avail a discount, you can also get it for as little as $30.
So, if you’re a lazy guy who still hasn’t moved off your couch to buy a gift for your techie friend, you can take into account the above mentioned gadgets. They are not only perfect for an idler but also for someone who is on a tight budget.

Image source: http://cdn.bgr.com/2016/03/amazon-echo-dot.png


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