Is Management Science or Art?

“Management is, above all, a practice where art, science, and craft meet” – Henry Mintzberg.

An Inception to Management

Nothing can be aft than this quote which profoundly creates a fine line of amalgamation between management as both science and art. Now, management has been a crucial subject always. Its being is based on the platform where the question whether management can be confirmed in a scientific or artistic manner of dealing. Managing people leads to managing a company, and not is management associated with business terms but if we probe deep into our continual life we will get to see how we human beings are managing. Managing people is just like any other profession like lawyer, teaching or anything else. The interrogation initiates when management verges itself before the question of whether it is science or art.

Dilemma of whether management is science

A certain percentage of the crowd will term management as a scientific phenomenon and their views need to be considered. When we try to implement the ways of management, it instantly becomes a science for the latter has some perfected rules to be followed. A manager can only be a manager when he has followers or admirers. Now to be that person following rules is a necessity and science makes the rule. An inquest into the subject which a manager present, a precise procedure of preaching, researching, practicing and also experimenting is what science makes us do and a manager also has to follow every inch of these. Scientific is the term often related to management because a manager always has apparent conceptions of what they’re assigned with, a proper manager always follows certain principles which are evident also in science, management has been founded on thousands of theories formed since time immemorial, management is an organized knowledge and so is science, and lastly practice which is an every day’s work for managers.

Or an Art

Art is also found to be clinging to management when practicality is most needed, and this practice which managers are found performing every single day leads them to be a perfectionist in that very field. To be the exclusive one from the crowd, a manager is seen to be magically solving some impossible tasks because they can perceive it better than anyone else, and their uniqueness of performing tasks make them the leaders. Out of the box, thinking is what is expected in today’s monotonous work methods, a manager who is creative always succeeds and so is an artistic person. Art has a very prominent feature namely goal-orientation, who can be better goal-oriented than a manager themselves?

Eventually, it is both

Management, this whole terminology is associated with both science and art because of its following each attribute of the two subjects. A manager has to follow each scientific differentia, and also artistic criterions to be called apt in their forte. The sayings which do the round of management being only one of the above-mentioned subject is not totally correct because management is a result of both of them and cannot be partial any fine day.

Now when the conclusion is achieved, the procedure becomes very easy to access.

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