Reliance Jio Dongle 2 Comes with A Sleek Design and Powerful Internet Hot-spot

For those of you who have checked out Reliance JioFi, the new surprise comes in the form of Jio dongle 2. The new dongle looks sleeker but doesn’t charge you any extra amount.

You may connect it to your laptop, bu6t you won’t find a battery pack. If you’re trying to make good use of the Reliance Jio network, then you have to connect it with the help of any JioFi device or 4G phone. You’re likely to come across several JioFi devices in the market.

The Jio Dongle is the latest and the best way of connecting with the Reliance Jio Network.

How Do I Get One Jio Dongle 2 for myself?

A dongle user has to visit the nearest Reliance Digital store for buying the latest Jio Dongle 2. You’ll need to carry the JioFi and your Jio SIM card if you wish to access the Internet without any 4G smart-phone.

How does the new kid look like?

You must have a power source for connecting the JioFi dongle. It’s battery pack isn’t built-in; the WiFi signal may either be generated by plugging it inside your laptop or to any other external power source. You’ll need to shed some 1999 INR for enjoying the benefits of the Jio Dongle 2. This is actually the same amount that you’re currently paying for the JioFi amount.

The launch of Jio WiFi 4G Dongle (wireless) has been closely followed by the launch of Dongle 2. The former comes with a 2600mAh battery and an OLED display. The price of this dongle is 1999 INR across India and it’s clubbed with a Reliance Jio SIM card.

Compared to the earlier JioFi, the Dongle 2 is larger and square-shaped. The edges of this dongle are quite smooth as compared to the earlier one and the users are bound to fall in love with the sleek design depicting matte finish. It looks and feels much better than the original JioFi wireless hotspot that’s shaped like an egg and has a glossy finish.

The top of it’s housing shows a modern OLED display, which creates a major difference both in terms of looks and quality. Apart from displaying the 4G signal strength, the new device shows the remaining battery life, the strength of Wi-Fi signal and whether the power is off or on. The battery worth 2600 mAh is integrated. In comparison the older JioFi dongle comes with a battery worth 2300 mAh.

If you’re using a dongle for the first time, the Dongle 2 will prove to be a smooth medium for obtaining fast connectivity. If you’ve been using dongles for quite some time, you’ll find out the real difference. It will not only save you a lot of buffering, it will provide a much improved surfing experience than before.

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