Rajesh Namase Professional Blogger, TechLila

Rajesh Namase is a Professional Blogger and owner of TechLila. TechiStudent is thankful to him for giving the interview.

Q.Let’s start with the clichéd (but the important) one. Why tech? And, why blogging?

When I started blogging, I was in the third year of engineering. I wanted to share the tricks that I had learned while experimenting with computers and other related tips with people. Being an IT student, all the tricks that I hadlearned were related to coding and computers and that is why I started a tech blog.

Q.Tell us about your journey from someone who wanted to own a tech blog to being one of the most revered tech bloggers today?

I launched my first blog on September 10, 2010 which I had started it to share my knowledge. I wasn’t aware that this blog will become my backbone for daily bread and butter. Also, I never thought that it was possible to earn money from blogging. My first earning came after a period of 12-15 months. I focused on building a team and this whole thing is a team work. We are total of eight in the TechLila family. As they say, “Great things take time”.

Q.Initially, weren’t you scared of not getting noticed in the crowd?

Not at all, because I didn’t start blogging for the fame or money. Fame and money are the consequences. I enjoyed writing and sharing the knowledge and never thought about other matters.

Q.What are the mistakes you made,that other bloggers should avoid?

Initially, choose the domain name wisely as it might create a problem later on. I have shared a complete guide on how to start a blog on TechLila. That guide will surely help you to avoid most of the common mistakes.
Don’t expect quick results. Don’t start blogging just to earn money and do it only if you enjoy what you do.

Q.Rooted Android Phones, Best Chrome Extensions for Productivity, technology recaps, DreamWorks Animations; It seems TechLila, has chosen to focus on topics that few other tech blogs have done. Was it a plan from the beginning- to stay ahead in the race?

Good observation. Yes, from the beginning we didn’t want to TechLila to be just another tech blog. We focus on topics which are useful for people and simultaneously not covered by many blogs.

Q.Many of my blogger friends think that webinars are driving blogging success in a major way today. Your thoughts on this?

Yes, if you have a good experience in blogging field then it will surely help. If you are capable of answering many questions, then you should host webinars. For beginners it is not advisable to do it at all.

Q.Recently Google shut down its Google ARA modular phone project. Do you think that modular phone ever be successful?

Modular phone concept is too hard in the current time. No one can say.

Q.Apple is still struggling in India for market share. Do you think iPhone7 could bring some smile for Apple?

No, I don’t think that the iPhone 7 will make any difference.

Q.Your future plans for TechLila?

We have some plans to increase user engagement. Also, we will start offering different coupons to get discounts on useful products like Anti-Virus etc.

Q. A Techy message for our readers.

Do what you love, love what you do. Don’t seek success, seek competence.


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