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Nitin is a full time blogger and It’s his passion for blogging that helps him present all unique happenings for viewers in his own words. Nitin’s blog is all about publishing and marketing content on blogging, health, festivals, computing and many more topics.Both content creators and online businesses have been benefitted from this blog.

First of all, I would like to thankyou for inviting me here.

Myself, NitinMaheta. I hail from a small town in Gujarat, Rajkot. I am a middle-class guy with big dreams. I did work as a Manager in a Garments showroom before I entered into the blogging world. Currently, I am having few multi-niche blogs, but I started with and now, I have another one, Yes, at first, I thought that it will just remain one of my passions and I am not doing a great task as such, but I did manage to mould my simple passion into a big dream. And now, I do own my office in Rajkot itself.

How did you get your piece of cake, in this competitive world?

I started blogging as my passion in the year 2010 and at that time I was not that competitive one. And it was because only a few people knew about blogging at that time. Those who knew about it never took it as a full-time job because it is an online work. Even at that time, when we used to publish the content on our blogs, it used to get rank in Google easily and quickly. But now, blogging is becoming more like a mainstream profession and I am sure that in coming years, it would definitely be one of the best professions in India. At present, every day a new blogging is taking birth, but they don’t have the experience which I gained all through these years. And I know how to get back to the position after failing.

Will iPhone 7 launch can boost apple’s market share in India?

For any company to make sales for mobiles, it’s important to provide the best and with something new. Now Apple iPhone 7 does provide the best of everything but the only thing it lacks it that there is nothing new. Even the previous generation iPhones are just as good as the new one so there is very less possibility of getting high sales number. There is no doubt that the new iPhone has two cameras but it’s a not a thing anymore as other companies did that before Apple did.

Can Chromebook get the success in India with students?

Yes, it can definitely get success with students in India as it’s a complete operating system with a solid infrastructure of being a laptop. Chromebook has the potential of providing everything a student need and even more. If Chromebook is provided with the right price then, students will see it as their first step in studies with technology. Other laptops are also good but they are made to be much more professional so Chromebook will be just perfect for students.

Is streaming services like Netflix work in India with poor internet speed?

It’s not possible for any streaming service to survive with poor internet speed and Netflix is not different. But, with time India is also trying to have better internet speed so that more things can be digitized. Thus it’s also the perfect time for Netflix to be in India as it’ll have a head start. As India will move forward with better internet speed, Netflix will have an ease to provide its services to everyone.

How do you promote your content?

There are few ways through which you can promote your content which includes Email marketing, participating in some up-vote and aggregate sites communities, through social media and by tweeting. And it is important to know the best possible times to post and publish the posts on your blog which can help the readers to know that at what time your blog offers them the new content.

Starting a blog seems easy, but maintaining it is quite difficult. How do you maintain your blogs?

I already told you people that I used to work in a Garments showroom which was a 12-hour job. At that time, it was difficult for me to maintain my blog. But, now I am a full-time blogger and it’s not a big deal actually because I do have few writers who work for my blogs. I would say thanks to my team who help me through this because it wouldn’t have been possible for maintaining my blogs single-handedly. You must know how to pace yourself and balance the blog-life. Always think big and don’t forget to re-evaluate your blogging goals.

How much blogging has become a mainstream profession?

Blogging is growing at a rapid pace, but being an Indian I can say that it is not yet considered to be a full-time job. Yes, people do think that every online work is a part-time job and it’s all because of the generation gap as well as the computer illiteracy. According to me, blogging is emerging as the mainstream media for the business brands and yes, soon it will become a mainstream profession too.

What are the golden rules of blogging that new bloggers should follow?

Being into the blogging era, every one of us has the interests to share and stories to tell. The best thing which every blogger should keep in mind in order to maintain his blog is the good content which can help in making the readers stick around it. I think that it is the best to work on a particular niche despite firing in all the directions. You must provide your readers with the fresh and regular content on your website. And avoid being fake in your words.


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