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Thanks to Mr. Raman Sharma of, for giving us such a wonderful interview. We talked about his favorite niches, today’s blogging scenario, India’s IT sector, gadgets and some super cool blogger tips for new bloggers. Mr. Raman is blogging for only 4 years but already a big name among Tech bloggers. Before being full-time blogger he completed his engineering in Computer Science.

Hi Raman, please tell us about yourself and give a glimpse about your blogging journey.

Hello Melissa, first of all thank you for featuring me on your blog. Let me tell you in short about me, I’ve done engineering graduation from computer science branch in past 2014 whereas along with the graduation I was also started my blog All Useful Info in the December of 2012.

I just started All Useful Info as a passion but it’s now empowering thousands of daily visitors. Along with increasing the number of visitors and seeing the positive response from people for All Useful Info, I started focusing to it even more than my study during graduation. And after the graduation, it turned me into a full time blogger.

What are your favorite niches, for writing articles?

As it clearly shows up from the blog posts on All Useful Info, I prefer the technology niche. Well, the tech niche is itself a broad niche so let me tell you some small/focused niches I love to write on. I used to write mostly on computer tips, Android tips, software and gadget reviews and many other different tech related how-to guides that’re useful to everyone.

How the blogging scenario has changed?

The blogging in India has grown in at least couple of multiples as compared to what it was a few years back. Every 5th or sixth blog I come across is run by an Indian. Unlike few years back, youngsters are nowadays choosing blogging as their only career option as it has now become the secure medium of income. And truly almost all the full time bloggers are making thousands of dollars every month out of blogging for many past years.

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Apart from, do you write for other blogs?

Yes, apart from All Useful Info I write guest posts on some other blogs too as I love to share the knowledge with as more as people I can. I also love to write in Hindi language so also contribute content to some Hindi websites too. Well, the most of my time spends on All Useful Info.

Trump is against outsourcing. Will India suffer in IT sector during Trump’s tenure?

Donald Trump isn’t the first and last President of America. I mean to say every new leader always have something in mind to make some changes around the country. Trump’s idea of restricting companies from outsourcing business can definitely be a bad news for countries like China, India etc. but I don’t think that IT sector will suffer due to this.

According to a recent news, I think Trump isn’t completely against the outsourcing but he’s doing just increasing the tax on the companies who’re willing to outsource in order to strengthen the economy of USA.

According to the recent statement of Donald Trump:

“Trump said outsourcing companies will be taxed heavily across the border, while those that choose to stay will benefit from a reduced corporate tax rate.”

All torrent sites are shutting down one by one. Will this create an awareness in Indian people?

Mostly those torrent sites are shutting down which store movies and video files illegally. And I think it should definitely create an awareness among Indians for not to illegally download movies etc.

Will Samsung loose customer faith after Galaxy Note 7 disaster?

Samsung still has no idea what caused some of its Galaxy Note 7 phone batteries to explode, but that’s not stopping it from focusing on future phones. Lee Jae-yong, vice chairman and board member at Samsung, told the Wall Street Journal that next year’s Galaxy S8 will come with a “slick design and an improved camera.”

Other than this, as per I know not only the Samsung Note 7 but there are many other smartphones of different smartphone makers such as LYF etc, are exploding these days for unknown reasons. So, it doesn’t mean we should stop believing all smartphone makers.

And for the further information let me tell you that the biggest reasons behind exploding smartphones are using them during charging, over charging etc. I know there would definitely have some hardware or technical issue by the manufacturer but we should believe the future products and also remain aware of some dangers like I told using phone during charging.

Do you write all the content all by yourself, or allow guest posting as well?

Almost 90% of the content on All Useful Info is written by me but 10% are guest articles too. I accept guest articles very rarely because I’m very strict about the quality of content. I reject almost 2 to 3 articles everyday from the outside authors due to lack of quality. That’s why I believe writing most of the content myself.

What it needs to be a good blogger?

Different blogger would have different thoughts over it. I think to become a good blogger, you should be a good writer and for being a good writer you should be a good thinker. It’s needed to grow your ability to think of how to express your thoughts in a blog post so that people can interestingly read them out thoroughly.

Other than this, it’s not all depends on the public as you should have knowledge of SEO to make your posts bump in search results. But, honestly if you’re an honest and quality content writer, you’ll never even need to worry of the SEO.

In a short span of time, you are rubbing shoulders with top bloggers, do share some of the tricks which worked wonders for you.

There are not a few but lots of tips I would like to share with newbie bloggers who desire to make money out of their blog. But, due to little time I‘m sharing a few things that worked for me:

• Spend your more time for reading other blogs rather than writing
• Never copy the content from other blogs, it will hurt you!
• Create a well-managed quality content with organized headlines, paragraphs.
• Always keep looking your old articles and update them along with time.
• Write to the point, never bore your visitors!
• Keep reading SEO tips and tricks.
• Be updated of upcoming Google algorithm updates

Once, your blog is started getting sufficient traffic, put the ads for direct revenue in return of ad clicks (for this AdSense is the best option) or become an affiliate marketer to earn commission by making sales of products.


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