Interview of Harshil Barot – CEO & Founder of Just Web World

We know our readers do know about Just Web World, but they would love to know about Mr. Harshil Barot, the founder of Just Web World. Please tell us about yourself.

Hi Readers,
First of all I want to say thank you to Melissa for giving me this opportunity so I am here with you guys. I am Harshil Barotfrom Ahmedabad, India. I am a full time blogger, SEO consultant, day dreamer, business guy and entrepreneur. I also helps companies to grow their online businesses.

How can you describe your blogging style?

I am into blogging from last 3 years, when I am in collage. I love to do sharing good stuffs and knowledge with the people and still loving.

I think the blog is a platform for:

• To learn from other people
• To share the knowledge you have
• To express yourself
• To share the experience you have
3) Do you use any specific type of SEO tools?

I am using following SEO tools.

• Google keyword planner
• Google web master and analytics
• Keyword everywhere (Chrome Extension)
• Übersuggest
• LSI Graph
• Copyscape
• Google Trends
• Bing Webmaster Tools
• SEO Quake Toolbar
• Moz

What is the significance of using keywords in SEO?

In my point of view you can use 2-3 keywords in the article not more than that. For looking more natural in the eyes of Google use a similar kind of keywords into article and also use long tail keywords.

How many H1 tags can you have in a single web-page?

In my point of view you use H1 tags only 1 time in the article. Instead of using many times H1 tags, use H2 and H3 tags in article.

What are the different approaches of responsive web design?

When developing a website that is fit for all the monitor screens, the most common approach is designing within the standard screen width and height.
Currently, the standard size of a monitor screen is 1024 pixels by 760 pixels, this means the web secure area should be less than that — it is 989px by 548px.

7) Which software do you use for the purpose of coding?

I am using dreamviewer only to design a webpages.

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In what ways you promote your blog?

I am using different ways to promote a blog like,

• Facebook Pages and Groups
• Google Communities
• Email Marketing
• Push Notification for browser
• Guest Posting
• Join Blogging Communities
• Twitterfeeds
• Social sharing buttons
• Pinterest and Stumbleupon
• Some offline promotions (T-shirt Print, Wi-Fi Name, Promotion Flyers, Business Cards)

9) Other than Blogging, what Harshil loves to do?

Other than blogging I love to do exercise, listen music, watching movies and TV shows and meet a new peoples.

Lastly, please share some of your tips with our readers, which helped you tremendously in your blogging career.

If you want to become a successful person then help others, respect people, enjoy your success journey, learn new and new things, take actions and never give up.

I am really thankful to readers for reading my interview. Keep practising and keep learning new things. Keep calm and always be positive. 🙂


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