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It’s all About Mr. Reji. Stephenson is an Indian blogger currently residing in London. He likes to write about Blogging, Online Marketing,Social Media and technology in this blog. Digital Dimensions 4u

1.How was your journey of two years?

First of all, thank you so much for introducing me to your readers through this interview. Being a part-timer in blogging, you can consider my overall blogging journey as a success. I manage my blog after my day job and hence finding time for blogging is a very difficult task to me as myself and my wife both having day job alongside the responsibility of looking after two little children. Still I am happy with the little success I have with my blog and hence it keeps me motivated to continue the journey.

Once if I can dedicate some more time for blogging, I hope I can make it more successful. One of the best things I like about blogging is the networking with fellow bloggers. Also, my blog was mentioned as one of the top 50 technology blogs from India by Rebateszone in 2015

Recently, my name got mentioned in Huffington post along with a bunch of other top professional bloggers as part of a round-up post published by fellow blogger Mr. Philip Verghese Ariel.

These type of things motivate bloggers a lot and is the same for me. Another good thing about blogging is that it helps you to update your knowledge and certain skills in whatever niche you are interested in blogging. So, I can say that in this two years I learned many new things and skills that make me capable of entering to the next higher level.

2.Which blogger, or to be specific, tech bloggers inspired you?

Frankly speaking, I was inspired by a large number of bloggers. So, pointing out one particular blogger is not easy. I can point out few of them instead of just mentioning one name. Matthew Woodward is one blogger who inspired me a lot as I like the way he presents the content. Neil Patel and John Chow are the other two big names. I cannot forget Amit Agrawal and Harsh Agrawal as these two names are an inspiration for any blogger, especially from India.

3.Why do you use the default WordPress comment system?

I am using Comment-Luv plugin for the blog. I don’t know you noticed it or not. Probably, you might have checked my blog on a day when I deactivated the plug-in for one reason or the other.

4.Have you noticed any change in the blogging landscape in the last few years?

The blogging scenario is changing now and then. Nowadays, more and more bloggers are turning to Podcasting and Vlogging. Today, if someone want to get more information about a product or service, the first thing they do is to check whether there is a YouTube video about that or not. Also, apps are becoming more and more popular, and if you don’t have an app for your website, it may put you in the back seat. No need to say that the social medias are changing rapidly, and also more and more social media sites are coming up on the internet on a regular basis. Blogging and social media are very much correlated and hence the blogger need to make changes accordingly. Here, I can conclude that the blogging landscape will never be the same, and it keeps on changing.

5.Do you prefer guest posts on your blog?

I don’t like the idea of having too much guest posts on a blog as well as on other blogs. If you have regular readers on your blog, they may not like to see more guest posts because they access your blog mainly to read the post you write and not for reading other people’s post or ideas. Still, occasional guest posts from reputed writers will make a good impact.

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Reji Stephenson


  • Happy to see you interviewed reji sir.
    He is a great man.
    Enjoyed the interview.

  • Good questions good answers!
    Well done my dear friend.
    Reji, I agree with all you mentioned, but I differ in one area were you mentioned about guest blogging.
    I believe it’s a good thing to have guest posts on our pages on a regular basis, I disagree with you that our visitors always wants to read our posts only, I believe that, that will bore our readers, instead if we provide a different style of writing from other fellow bloggers, that will, I am sure appreciated by our readers. Not only that it helps to get more readers to our blogs and that leads to more traffic and relationship. Indeed it will expand our limited horizon.
    I do accept guest posts from reputed and authentic writers.

    Hey would like to know the person behind this blog.
    Wish you both a wonderful time ahead.
    Keep sharing.

    • Hi Philip Sir,

      Thanks again for your presence and the valuable comments. I am glad to note that you liked most of the points I mentioned except that about the guest posting. Regarding guest posting, I believe too much of anything is bad.So, guest posting at some regular intervals look fine because the readers also need some change instead of reading contents from the same person.

      Have a great time.

      Best regards.

      Reji Stephenson

  • Awesome interview sir,

    I also got an offer from HuffPost……

    I didn’t know that you live in London…..{Mr. Reji. Stephenson}

  • Hi Rahul,

    Thank you for the vist and the comment.


    Reji Stephenson

  • Good job done by you..
    All the questions are very interesting as well as answers…!

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