Blogging Interview by Sharma Ji

Sharma Ji is a Tech Blogger and he covers tech news, Hindi reviews..

We have asked Sharma Ji to Interview on our blog.. Here it goes..

  1. What inspired you to start blogging and how is it going?

I was working in a multinational company for about 4.5 years, doing the same job for such a long time gave me frustration, I tried to get better motivation, but did not found any in that job. I was very enthusiastic about new mobile phones, knowing about new technology. From my collage time, I am kind of person who always try to help others for any kind of technology help, maybe about computers, mobiles or any other help, connected to Internet. For getting all kind of tech knowledge, I was watching lots of YouTube videos, reading new tech blogs, Then I started buying new gadgets and explored them. Every month I purchased a new Gadget, my friends suggested me to start doing reviews on YouTube. However, I was still not confident about it, When I was on my summer vacation, I thought let’s try and do an experiment, let’s see how many people connect to a Hindi Content creator. Because I wanted to do something new which not everyone was doing. Because if I do the same thing, then there are thousands of people already available. That’s what made the difference. Because I wanted to watch content in Hindi, and it was hardly available, so I was thinking that how many people will feel same like me.

So without thinking further, I started experimenting and I started to get lots of attention and appreciation. People took it to their heart and said, this is what that was missing in Indian Tech Community. We support you, keep on going and never lose hope. Now a day when people see my subscribers count of YouTube, many of them get jealous from my success. Because it’s not an easy task, it needs lots of hard work, dedication, being positive, and never give-up attitude, even if many people try to let you down, again and again, Positive support keeps me always motivated, “Do what you are doing, don’t take haters seriously, and we all can grow.

My mother is always my inspiration for doing anything. From day one my mother supported me to do this, every time she motivated me to do better and better, do not think about anyone, keep on going. One day I told her that, I am not feeling good and do not want to continue blogging. Then she said, don’t ever think that. I believe in you, you can do it, just believe in yourself. She told me strictly that, this channel should never be stopped or closed.

Currently it is going very well, lots of tech bloggers acknowledged my work and recognise me without telling about myself, many companies called me for meeting, now every company invites me to join in their launch event. I am also getting some big endorsement which are upcoming, with big brands, I can’t share much details, but things are changing drastically.

  1. Within a short period, you have got good social fans, what ’s the secret?

There is no secret, only thing is a bond, which I created with my viewers, because when I was viewer of someone, I was not connected with such bond. So I made a point that, there should be a connection between viewers. I share this all the time, that connection should be strong enough so that, viewers can come to you again and get the necessary help. When I started blogging I used to respond each and every comment, to connect more with viewers, because they made me via their valuable suggestions, improvements and tremendous support. I worked the way viewers wanted and they got connected to my channel so quickly. These were few things, I feel made my social presence wide and connected with so many fans.

  1. What do you do other than blogging?

I was a working professional till Jan 2015. Currently I am a full time Blogger or a Youtuber, other than blogging I like to spend more time with my 18 months old daughter (Varchasvi), she is very cute and my viewers often ask me to bring her on camera during my LIVE Q&A session. My viewers call her “Junior Sharmaji“. Nothing else I do as of now, because no time left for other things.

  1. Why did you limit the tech reviews to Hindi viewers only?

First thing first, many people criticise that I don’t know English, and that is why I make Hindi Content, so for those people I would like to tell that, I was born in a Hindu family, where Hindi is everything. I studied till 12th standard in Hindi Medium. When I went for Engineering, I struggled in English, but somehow managed with it.

Started working in North India, where everyone speaks in Hindi, even if it is a meeting or something very professional, but when I came to Bangalore, I had to start talking in English. I have done hell number of meeting with British, Americans, Europeans but never faced any issues.

But If I have to rate myself, I would say my English is very bad, you can figure out from this Interview. This could be a reason for someone that, why Hindi?

Now your answer, Hindi is very Important for my vision. I am focused on Hindi content only, because in India whole country don’t understand English. In India there are more than 100 languages that people speak, Hindi is one of them which everyone understand and is very popular, someone may not speak Hindi, but almost everyone is able to understand. Another reason for more Hindi viewers is that big Bollywood Cinema in India, which connects people from Hindi.

  1. How many hours do you work on a daily basis, on your blog?

Initially, there was no timetable for my work, many times I was working late nights, some time I was working till 4AM, sometime sleeping at 6AM. So initial 6-8 months, almost more than 12-14 hours a day, I worked without thinking of my meal. Right now after achieving 73,000 Subscribers on YouTube and quitting my job, I still work for 5-6 hours for creating content and 2-3 hours for helping viewers for their questions and queries.

  1. Tech blogging is very competitive niche, how are you handling it?

When I created my first video, I did not think of anything just produced video and waited for response from viewers. I have not expected that I will get lots of support, I just did a test on myself with Hindi. My first video became my most popular video for about 2 months. Coming back to question, yes it is very difficult, I see many bloggers, who have many more subscribers count than me, but active viewership is less than me. So I keep on improving and making my content more entertaining and interactive, so that viewer feels that “yes this is what we need and good for all of us”.

  1. What are the blogs and or websites you read daily?

I regularly follow,, and few others. On YouTube I mainly follow “Technical Guruji”, “GeekyRanjit”, “Unbox therapy”, “GadgetsToUse” and some others. I am kind of person, who only reads when it is damn required, otherwise I like watch videos. So I follow them on YouTube.

  1. Are you earning from blogging?

Most people answer this diplomatic way, but I am bit straight forward. When I started blogging I was thinking that, if I can earn a little extra from making videos, it will be helpful, as I was working in a company when I started blogging. After 3-4 months I earned close to my salary, with huge support of Indian viewers. After few more month, I resigned from my job and came into blogging and working full time, I do not hesitate to say that I earn from blogging, everyone does that, and I am no exception. People ask how much you earn, then I simply reply more than my salary. Many people don’t believe, but it’s a truth, I earn good from blogging so I do not have to worry about paying my bills.

There is a saying that, “Love what you do, do what you love“. Now I am doing what I love and if it’s give me earning then, I am blessed this is what I would say.

  1. Lastly, are you planning to expand your viewership?

If your question is about expanding content to English, then currently I have no plans for that. Maybe I will never do that, because I have a vision to connect with people who are unaware what technology can do for them. Because tech is available mostly in English, I want to reach each and every such person who wants to learn and get benefited from technology in Hindi, our own language. Many people come to me and say that, we already seen such product review in English, but when we see your review, it’s a charm to see in Hindi, because it feels very own and easy.

English is not India’s native tongue, but still many Indians speak in English, to show that they are more educated than others. I am an engineering graduate, but still I want to talk as much as possible in Hindi. English is a good friend for help, not a burden. I see many viewers comment in poor English, but still they show that, they know English. It’s a good way of learning English as well.

However, I will be planning on expansion of my channel, and I’ve also started my website, and would like reach to as many new people as possible.

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