Abhijeet Mukherjee’s Interview – Tech Blogger at GuidingTech.com

Today, I have interviewed with another Bong Blogger like me who is known to be a reputed Tech Blogger www.guidingtech.com

Tell us something about yourself and your education background?
I am a web publisher from India and been working on my own for 9 years now. I graduated from Delhi University.

Before you started your own blog, did you write for others too? Yes, I did.

When you felt that blogging is your career?
I was never really sure if this can be a career. Just gave a shot and it worked out. When I started making enough money, I decided that it’s a viable option.

After how much effort and time you started earning from your blog?
Took a year.

How much easy or tough has blogging career have become over the years?
Very tough now. Too much competition. Unless you have money to invest in marketing, it’s quite hard to make substantial income from your blog.

Would it be wrong to say, you have entered the line of Entrepreneur, from blogger?
It’s correct. I don’t consider myself a blogger anymore because I don’t write these days. I now have a team to manage my blog.

Tell us something about your e-books?
We have our ebooks collection here. They are informative and comprehensive.

In one of your article you have compared Office365 vs open365. Can you please let us know some other free alternatives?
Google Docs and Sheets are pretty good.

Do you think Chromebooks are a good option for Indian schools, as in the west?
Yes, Chromebooks are a good option for schools everywhere.

What do you think is the best social media strategy for getting more visitors to a blog?
Be consistent with your posting on social platforms, wherever you post.

Who is Abhijeet Mukherjee?
Abhijeet Mukherjee is an internet entrepreneur who runs a popular tech blog called Guiding Tech. He’s easy going, optimistic and curious.

Facebook – facebook.com/guidingtech

Google + https://plus.google.com/+Guidingtech

Abhijeet Mukherjee

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