Why is Hike better than WhatsApp?

Now this question my friends is interesting and important because nowadays most of our time revolves around social media and it is bit obvious that we want best of all, don’t we?

So the search for the best has brought us to these two contenders Hike and WhatsApp in the searching the best instant messaging app at the moment.



In December 2012, Hike messenger came into existence in India and is considered as another alternative for WhatsApp or we can say the best competitor for WhatsApp.

Though WhatsApp messenger is more popular, lots of people love hike messenger for some reason.
Hike Messenger is quite popular in India because it provides features available on Facebook that is you can update status, photo, etc. which will be visible to all your friends. They can like, comment and enhance hike experience.

Screenshot of Hike @google play store

In spite of increasing popularity of WhatsApp, Hike has managed to retain and add users. They have managed it by providing features nobody did.

They have awarded users for their support and for believing in them The users are awarded for referring friends to join Hike.

Hike allows a maximum 100 MB file size to send which is more than enough for the users, other messengers like WhatsApp allow only 16 MB file size to forward.

Hike support Themes which makes it more user-friendly, fancy and acceptable to the users.
Hike is also available in 9+ Indian languages making it available and comfortable to use by users of different regions in India.


Hike is famous for its stickers. It reduces the typing effort, so more people use stickers to make the chat interesting and it’s real fun to show your emotions through various emoticons and a wide range of well-designed stickers.
The most important of all features that steals the show is you can send messages to offline users in the hike, and this is a free service which hike provides to its users. Offline chat was first introduced by Hike, which is not present in other messengers; so you can send messages offline without internet connectivity. In WhatsApp, you can only send messages if your network is active.


You will get a notification when someone changes the profile picture, update status, etc. which is not available in WhatsApp.

You can hide each conversation with the help of hidden mode and this feature is not available in WhatsApp.

Features like Hike Camera, Hike News, Hike Daily allows you to share your funny pictures, apply stickers and filters to them which makes the photos more attractive. It also keeps you posting daily news and motivational quotes if you want to have them. All you need to do is subscribe to Hike Daily and Hike News.

Stories have become new feature every major social media app have added it to their platform. Snapchat started this trend and now giants like Instagram, WhatsApp and Hike have it now – you can express what you are doing today with the help of photos it is displayed to your friends for a specific period of time and you can also check who viewed your stories.

In addition to the above mentioned features, recent features like Recharge and Bank Transfer via UPI have added feathers under their hat.

So, after analyzing the pros and cons of Hike and WhatsApp that as far as Indian users are concerned, Hike is a better option.
Last but not the least, as Hike is an indigenous app, so in order to walk with the ‘Make in India’ initiative, we should use and promote Hike as much as possible.


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