What you need to find out about the top Apps launched in recent times

Today, we will be offering you an interesting look at the most useful apps to have made their debut in recent years. Please remember that it’s not really a year-wise specification. These apps are fun, useful and impactful – all at the same time and launched only recently in the market. If you still haven’t installed them or aren’t aware of the same then you can try them out now- but not before taking a look at them, at first.

The best apps to be launched in recent times!

So here’s what we should learn about the best apps to be launched recently. Read on.


downloaddwIt was in the month of March, 2015 that the app had been released with considerable backing from Twitter. It was in no time that the app climbed up the ladder of popularity. Today, it’s the topmost live streaming app out there- used both by media houses as well as individual users to offer easy and hassle-free coverage from the smartphone to the rest of the world. It can well be claimed that Periscope with its very user-friendly interface is a very successful launch- even if you compare the same with the highly popular Meerkat and YouTube. The app’s ever growing community can vouchsafe for the same.


downloaddaAre you aware of what it is? If yes, then you must already have put it in good use. It is an incredible app which can easily make it to the list of favorites of the users who are not really very good at Mathematics. Unable to solve a difficult Mathematics equation? Don’t you worry because Photomath is at your help. You can just take a snap of the particular equation and set your app at work. It will provide you a step-by-step analysis of the entire equation leading up to the answer. The best thing about the app is that it is more of a learning tool than a short-cut.


Backed by Instagram, Layout is an app which makes it easier for you to create collages.  Now, prior to the introduction of Layout users actually had to look for something in the app store which could actually help them stitch the pictures together in a collage. The introduction of Layout was considered to be a saving grace in such a scenario, since it is very easy to move frames with easy click and drag movements. You can actually get the photos shared on Facebook directly as well.


downloadsfdgghOnce again an immensely helpful app. While transferring heavy files on any of the devices remains quite a cumbersome task, here we have this immensely helpful app owing to which you are not really required compressing the files on your e-mails. Thanks to WeTransfer, you can now transfer up to 10GB data without any hassle. You can function quickly and quite easily as well. Many opine that the app is an absolute must-have if you are in the habit of slinging gigabytes among various devices.

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