Textalyzer: Will it lead to a reduced number of road accidents

As we sit down to think what technology can or cannot do, let us tell you that it (technology) has already taken further strides in its quest for betterment of human lives. And, needless to say, there is a clarion call for technological improvement –every time in the wake of a mishap. Let us dig out details.

Textalyzer: A Technological Innovation Aimed at Reducing Car Accidents

Textalyzer is a device that is aimed at reducing the practice of texting during driving. The device will check whether the driver had used his phone while or just a few minutes prior to an accident. It is a bill passed by the New York State Senator Terrence Murphy, where he has called for the textalyzer technology to be introduced – post a collision. As is already mentioned above, the very design behind the introduction of technology would be to find if the driver had been distracted by their mobile devices before or while driving or not.  Additionally, it should not ideally allow any access to photographs, contacts, messages and other personal details. If the driver fails to comply with the proposed test then he might as well stand to lose his driving license.

Do we really need this particular technology?

The need for this particular technology can be felt more acutely when you go through the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports claiming that, on an average, a text can take the user’s eyes off for quite a long time – sufficient to traverse the length of a football ground at highway speed.

Cellebrite, an Israeli firm has revealed that there is already a technology which allows them to check the doings of many smartphones. The company’s CEO has revealed that they are working on a technology which aims at examining smartphone usage without violating the privacy of the user.

Notably, a group called Distracted Operators Risk Casualties had worked closely with the lawmakers on the bill. It came to be known as the Evan’s Law as co-founder Ben Lieberman’s son Evan had been killed in a car crash following the driver’s distraction.

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