Smart ways of promoting your new app for free – A guide for an Android developer

Research reveals that Android smartphones presently rank first in terms of smartphone operating systems and this OS covers more than half of the mobile phones which are used throughout the world. If you’re an Android developer, building an app for Android OS is always a safe bet and more lucrative. People usually love free apps than the paid ones in the Google Market Store but if you can design an app which is more productive and which is something that the users can’t use their phone without, it is surely going to sell.

• Offer installing apps using Facebook ads: The best way in which you can get increased number of install is by utilizing paid medium resources like Facebook ads. Facebook offers app advertising and you can easily target users who are based on different factors like location, age, mobile OS and many more. In case you have an email list, you can use it to target your ad in that list.

• Optimize and complete your app: Before you complete and submit your Android app to the market, make sure that the application is entirely complete and it should have a perfect interface. Never make the blunder of submitting a partial app as this will instantly reduce your user ratings and blow off your plan permanently. It is only that which can take your app higher in Google Play market algorithm and you should take into account this trick.

• Submit the app to multiple stores: Are you aware that there are multiple stores to which you can submit your Android app? Definitely Google Play Store is the most popular one but there are some others too like the Amazon app store where you can even submit your new Android app. No, you don’t require building your app from the very beginning but you can just market graphics size to match with the respective store to which you’re going to submit.

• Make a Freemium app: This has always been one of the best ways of letting people download premium apps. The free apps usually get user base and the users will buy add-ons of the entire version if he prefers. You can simply launch a new Android app and promote an advanced version sans ads in the premium version. The promotion and marketing strategy works most of the time and for majority of the apps which you know of.

• Get honest reviews and promote: Remember that no one will ever buy your app if you don’t promote it and let people know about it. Therefore marketing the app is equally vital to building one. There are few review websites which offer paid reviews and there are also chances for you to get honest reviews as well. If you’re targeting paid option, try or However make sure you have your budget in place while offering paid reviews.

• YouTube promotion: Make a few YouTube videos which show how the usefulness of the app and how it can entertain its users. Try your best to make the video with more clarity so that it’s worth sharing and so that it is understandable by all users. The blogger can understand the product in a better way and people can also write better reviews about your app.

Therefore, if you’re trying to develop an Android app, make sure you market it in the best places so that an increased audience gets to know about your app. Leverage the social media and invite users to like your app so that they get to know and share about it.

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