Now: An App to diagnose anemia!

With the brand new HemaApp, your smartphone will now turn into your personal physician. As you go through the post, you will understand the reason behind this claim. A group of researchers have now come up with this incredible app (HemaApp) which enables users to detect anemia. The app (developed by a team from the University of Washington) utilizes a light source – built-in camera flash to diagnose anemia. Actually the particular app is designed to measure the hemoglobin levels in order to find out whether you have anemia or not.

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How this particular app works

About 31 individuals were tested with this app. So, that it can well be said that the claims of accuracy are not unfounded. As of now, it has been opined that the particular app will not replace blood test conducted by pricking needles. However, there is definitely a call for more frequent use of this particular program.

The results were bang on – so much so that the efficacy is even compared to that of the Masimo Pronto!!! Those of you who are not really aware of what Masimo Pronto is- let us tell you that this is a hemoglobin measuring machine, which can perform its function without really invading your body with the help of a device clipped to your finger. Not to forget, it is FDA approved. A smartphone with the HemaApp will be available at cheaper rates to medical professionals hailing from developing nations.

The hemoglobin concentrations are estimated by studying the color of your blood. The researchers decided that your device would work most efficiently (as far as estimating  the hemoglobin concentrations is concerned) when it is backed by low LED lights. The low LED lightning can be attached on top of the flash in order to gauge what exactly is under the user’s skin. The normal smartphone flash demonstrated a 69% connection with the results of the actual blood test. The results improved (up to 74%) when the regular incandescent bulb was used. The introduction of the multicolored LED lights resulted in further improvement – i.e. 82% accuracy.

Here’s a look at how this particular app works:

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