How can you use 2 separate numbers on a single-SIM phone for WhatsApp?

While not more than ten years ago having a cell phone was a luxury. Today, however, owning two phones or having multiple phone numbers is pretty commonplace. Thus communication has become and is becoming easier and more accessible. Applications like WhatsApp, Facebook, and Snapchat etc. are spearheading this particular revolution. WhatsApp is by far the most used/popular SMS/MMS application right now.

However, with all our gadgets and multiple numbers, there are a few hurdles we face. One the most commonly asked question is “How can you use 2 separate numbers on a single-SIM phone for WhatsApp?”

There are two answers to this question actually:

  1. Using Third-Party WhatsApp Like Applications:

If you choose to follow this method, you first need to backup your WhatsApp chats (you can skip this step if you don’t mind losing your chats). Once this is done, you need to rename the folder containing the chats with the name of the third party application; this can be done using a file explorer on your phone (eg: ES File Explorer) or from your computer after connecting your phone.

After this is done, you need to find WhatsApp in the system settings and ‘clear data’, and then uninstall the application. The third-party application can then be downloaded either from the Play Store or installed as an APK. A few examples are, WhatsApp+ and GBWhatsApp.

Once the third party application is installed and configured, WhatsApp can be downloaded again and configured to the new number.

Please Note: The use of third party applications is not always safe or advisable. In the past WhatsApp has issued notices to consumers who have used applications like WhatsApp+.

  1. Using Parallel Space – Multi Accounts:

In this method the ‘Parallel Space – Multi Accounts’ application must be downloaded from the Play Store. Parallel Space is a platform that allows users to log on to multiple accounts at the same time from one device. It also provides a customizable application interface.

Once the application is downloaded and launched, WhatsApp can be added to the list of applications in the Parallel Space menu. A shortcut can also be created for the same. Then WhatsApp can be launched from Parallel Space and configured to the second phone number.

These are the two most common methods of using two numbers on WhatsApp from a single – SIM phone. Please remember that the second number must still be available for use from another device as it will be required for verification.


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