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Techistudent is a popular online technology blog that covers topics such as Tech News, Mobile, Apps, Gadgets, Interviews, Social Media, Technology Reviews and last but not the least, Technology Recent Updates. It is a Gadgets, OS and other tech stuffs detailing site too! We are supported by posts contributed by well-known bloggers as well as techies across the globe. This site is owned by Avik, aka Jonny CEO of A2zesolutions – the most eminent Digital Marketing company.

We didn’t simply choose a blog name, register a domain name and start the journey; rather there was enormous effort behind the inception and success of Techistudent. The blog initiated its voyage by Avik Sarkar, CEO and three distinguished bloggers. At the onset, we hardly had any idea of what blogging was. So we just published and promoted our posts without having any particular intention, especially the intention of making money. In fact, that was the key to our success.

However, we gradually understood that blogging is more than just writing something and then publishing them. It is one of the strongest mediums to share useful, quality information. Later on, we realized that since readers from all over the world read our content, we must take it more seriously. Even a single mistake from our end may mess up someone’s knowledge.

Today’s Techistudent

Finally we decided to keep a brand name for the blog and we chose Techistudent as  we especially targeted to help students from every corner of the globe with solid and reliable information on technology and its evaluation. After a tough struggle, finally we managed to register Techistudent.com in2015.

We use WordPress.org for hosting the blog. Things were not easy rather complicated but as we started loving it, we started respecting it, and day by day realizing the potential behind it.

Avik Sarkar – Founder, CEO and Chief Editor

Avik Sarkar is the Founder/CEO/Chief Editor of Techistudent. He founded the blog when he was in middle of his successful career. He takes the term ‘blogging’ as the main weapon to change the world of technology and the importance of technology in a student’s life.

He is basically an SEO expert, digital marketing analyst and founder of A2zesolutions. He experienced years of hardship to establish his brainchild A2zesolutions and now Techistudent. He loved marketing, movies, games, cloud computing, walking and of course blogging. You can contact him for any reason. Just visit the Contact Us page for various avenues to contact him. You can also ping him though his Twitter profile and Facebook profile. He will do his best to reply you at the soonest possible.

About A2Zesolutions

A2Zesolutions is a premium digital marketing service provider started by Avik Sarkar (aka Jonny Pean) in 2012. Techistudent is a part of A2Zesolutions. Services provided by A2Zesolutions may include website design, content marketing, paid ad management, SEO and SMM. It also offers customized services. You can contact A2Zesolutions through Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

As a reader of our blog Techistudent, you’re playing the role of an important critic and reviewer. We would appreciate your queries and doubts regarding our contents as we believe criticism is the beginning not the end of knowledge. We would be happy to hear from you and help you by all means.

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