Tech Blogger Atish Interviewed…

Tech Blogger Atish Interviewed…

Tech Tricks World, started in the year 2010 this blog already helped people from India and people from other countries.. They give Ideas and tips on Social Media, Making Money Online, Reviews More »

Techis Blogger Interview on AmFastech

Techis Blogger Interview on AmFastech

1. How did blogging happen to you? That was when I was in engineering and I badly wanted to show off my amateur photography to the world through a website. I started More »

Blogging Interview by Sharma Ji

Blogging Interview by Sharma Ji

Sharma Ji is a Tech Blogger and he covers tech news, Hindi reviews.. We have asked Sharma Ji to Interview on our blog.. Here it goes.. What inspired you to start blogging More »

Digital Dimensions 4u Interview

Digital Dimensions 4u Interview

It’s all About Mr. Reji. Stephenson is an Indian blogger currently residing in London. He likes to write about Blogging, Online Marketing,Social Media and technology in this blog. Digital Dimensions 4u 1.How was More »


Tech Blogger Atish Interviewed…

Tech Tricks World, started in the year 2010 this blog already helped people from India and people from other countries.. They give Ideas and tips on Social Media, Making Money Online, Reviews and Software.

  • Can you tell our readers about yourself and your blog?

Thanks for having me on your blog and offering me an opportunity to talk something about me and my blog.

I am Atish Ranjan from Sitamarhi, Bihar and currently staying in New Delhi, India. I have been a blogger since 2010. I and my partner, Zainil Dedhia launched a blog,which later moved to a self-hosted domain We share tech, blogging, SEO, Software related content on this blog.

  • Do you do blogging full time or part time?

I was a part-time blogger till March 2015. But, after that, I have been blogging for full time.

  • Was it the passion for blogs or money that led you to blogging?

Initially, I had a passion for contributing something to the web, and that took me into blogging. There was nothing like money factor then because I was not aware that a blog can make money too. So, the initial motivation was passion only.

  • Any blog or blogs you follow religiously?

I don’t follow many blogs rather I read articles that are worth of reading. However, I do check out, labnol, searchengineland, backlinko, and a few other blogs time to time.

  • Is blogging a new career?

Yes, blogging can be opted as a career and that’s what I am doing. I earn a living through blogging only. And, future is bright. Just there is need of choosing a profitable niche and working passionately.

  • How would you describe your blogging style?

My blogging style has been changing time to time. In the early days, I used to write anything that I liked to share without keeping SEO and word count into consideration. But, as I learned more about blogging, I have started writing those articles that help people to solve their issues. I also started to keep SEO and word count into consideration.

So, my blogging style is something like almost all bloggers have. There is nothing unique I think.

  • Is there anything, which you don’t like about blogging?

I love everything about blogging. There is nothing that I don’t like about it.

  • What was your greatest failure and what did you learn from that?

I used to give dofollow links to advertisers and due to that, my blog was penalized twice. However, I worked hard to revoke the penalty, and it was successful.
It was a lesson and since then, I never offer dofollow links to advertisers for SEO value rather I review products and services for brand awareness only.

  • And lastly, how do you monetize your blog and what are your suggestions for other bloggers who want to do the same?

Google Adsense, Sponsored reviews, Banner ads, and Affiliate marketing are the main four monetization techniques that I am using to earn money through my blog.

My suggestion to all bloggers that to work more on getting a good amount of traffic first to your blog then monetize because even if you put ads, and there is not enough traffic, you won’t earn anything. So, first build traffic then monetize.

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Presidential Elections 2016: How Tactfully has Donald Trump dealt with social media


Image Credit: flickr

In the run-up to the Presidential elections, Donald Trump has definitely established his undisputed presence on social media. So much so- that he is being touted as the possible “social media President” of the future. The international media has already concluded that Trump has outplayed all his opponents as far as social media promotions are concerned. CNN has very interestingly pointed out that while Roosevelt emerged as the “radio President” and Kennedy as the “television President”, Trump- if at all he emerges the winner- will surely be called the “Social Media” president. Obama is the Internet President” – not to forget.

Trump: Tracking down his presence on Social Media

There is little room for denying that at the heart of Trump’s social media campaign is YouTube. It doesn’t matter whether he is delivering a speech at Atlanta, Georgia or at Elko in Nevada you can actually follow all his promotional exploits live. Yes. The #Live channel of YouTube shows Trump’s rallies right as they happen. These rallies generally take place sometime post midnight (UK time). And guess what? These videos are completely unedited. Viewers have admitted that these videos make for a compelling view solely owing to the fact that they are the “rawest” of feeds that one could get- neither preceded by introductions nor followed by analysis.

Thanks to these videos, people in general, have already started hailing Trump as an efficient crowd handler. In fact, in this regard, he is even being compared to the immensely successful political campaigner Bill Clinton. It has even been claimed that even if Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio are known for their rhetoric punctuated with the sacred name “Reagan”, it is Donald Trump who has apparently been successful in dealing with crowds in a way which had actually helped someone like Gipper.

What you need to know about their tweets

Now, coming to the approach adopted by Trump. Talking about the publicized Trump-Hillary rivalry, one can immediately identify the different tones adopted by these campaigners. Read their tweets. Hillary’s, of course, are much polished and respectful compared to that of Trump’s – but at the same time- they are more ornamental. On the other hand, Trump is more relatable. He scoffs. However, his dynamic approach is something which most of the Twitterati understand. He is brash, bossing, unapologetic and reactive. He has been able to catch the pulse of social media – a world which is thrives on immediacy of responses.

The 2016 Presidential election: “Growing” on Social Media

The 2016 Presidential election marks the gradual blurring of offline and online realities. And, it is believed that Trump has been successful in winning over the real world primarily because he has won over the online world. As against Trump’s almost 31,000 tweets, Hillary has a paltry 4000+ tweets. And though it has been consistently maintained that Barrack Obama had used technology in his favor during the 2008 elections, even he has not been as social media savvy as Trump is.


Techis Blogger Interview on AmFastech

1. How did blogging happen to you?

That was when I was in engineering and I badly wanted to show off my amateur photography to the world through a website. I started with Jimdo initially where I ended up sharing lab programs with my classmates. Later I took the courage of taking the idea of having a website to blogger platform. With a lot of struggle to understand what it is and how it works, I somehow could create my first blog with a name ‘Snaps Can Speak’ (drum rolls please).

‘Snaps Can Speak’ was non-commercial idea. It’s not just photography, tech is my passion too. I am studying in a tech branch (IT) and what else could stop me creating a tech blog?Amfas Tech was an idea generated when I was in the sick bed skipping my semester exams. That was a real hard time and the skipping of semester exams had freaked me out. I wanted to stay on the subject and I thought of using the secret weapon, the ‘passion’ (glow chimes please) as a solution. It helped me find myself into tech and gave me sophistication of learning.

2.How did your parents react to the idea of blogging?

Blogging is still a new term for everyone. Almost all the relatives and well educated people that I’ve met gave me an ‘Eh!’ when I spelled it out. They looked at me like as if I was wasting my life or the career. My parents are the most fantastic parents in this universe. They always supported me no matter what career I chose. They never tried to influence my choices in education and career. I have my full freedom granted with them on my side. Mostly my dad! He is the one who saved the magic scroll for me in my life. He is a writer himself that the world doesn’t know and he passed on the super powers to me. That’s how blogging has been actually possible in my life.

Should I still say what how did they react?

3. Was it education, experience or passion, which helped you in blogging?

All of ‘em. Education has grown my passion for technology into experience and helped me find myself as a writer and as a techie at a time. So, I would say, all of them helped me out.

4. Tech blogging is very competitive niche, how are you handling it?

Competition is not what I feel here. I love to write and that too on tech, I’d die to write on it. I never considered as a competitor but instead took all of fellow tech bloggers and blogs as inspiration. I’ve been leaning from the fellow bloggers every day. I believe competition closes the doors of learning and one should keep on learning until death to grow up himself and his business. (Sorry! I speak deep sh*t sometimes).

5. What are the tools you use to get traffic?

I get most of my traffic from search engines. I also use a few mass social share tools like hootsuite,, IFTTT and nothing else. I just write articles, optimize them (healthily) and publish them. That’s just works for me like magic every time.

6. What do you do to get traffic from social sites?

I share my articles strategically from time to time in a week. One can lean this technique by experience and by the blog reader’s behavior.It indeed changes from blog to blog based on the type of content and how it is delivered. I do networking to keep some loyal readers keep on visiting the site enthusiastically every time I post something.

7. Is blogging a new career in the market?

Absolutely. It is! Blogging is a part of marketing activity that the companies are after. Even the MNCs are approaching bloggers and maintaining their own blogs to spread the news about their new product that hasn’t even been launched yet.

8. Which are the blogs or bloggers, you follow?

I follow the blogs on my fellow bloggers including various tech, personality & growth related, SEO and internet marketing related. I’d even love to go through story writer’s blogs randomly. I admire their passion, efforts and inspire from them the techniques they use.

9. What are the posts you made, that made you feel proud?

I think I haven’t posted anything that would make me feel proud. But, I have posted some very unique posts that made feel like living while writing them. Isn’t ‘Proud’ a big word?

10. How can a blogger use AdSense effectively in his site?

The answer is easy and simple, jut focusing on the keywords that AdSense pays well.

11. What are your suggestions for young bloggers who are bypassing higher education for short term money?

It is very sad to see youngsters dropping out of school and colleges for blogging. I have also talked about this in another interview intensively. Education is what helps us at any stage of life. Even if the whole blogging field is doomed and you wanted to survive, you’d get a job somewhere based on the qualification you have. Blogging for short term money is a bad idea. I feel money is not the unit of success of anyone’s career. If you are earning some huge bucks from a blog, it is not success unless you can mention it in your portfolio.

Rock on! All the best!

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Blogging Interview by Sharma Ji

Sharma Ji is a Tech Blogger and he covers tech news, Hindi reviews..

We have asked Sharma Ji to Interview on our blog.. Here it goes..

  1. What inspired you to start blogging and how is it going?

I was working in a multinational company for about 4.5 years, doing the same job for such a long time gave me frustration, I tried to get better motivation, but did not found any in that job. I was very enthusiastic about new mobile phones, knowing about new technology. From my collage time, I am kind of person who always try to help others for any kind of technology help, maybe about computers, mobiles or any other help, connected to Internet. For getting all kind of tech knowledge, I was watching lots of YouTube videos, reading new tech blogs, Then I started buying new gadgets and explored them. Every month I purchased a new Gadget, my friends suggested me to start doing reviews on YouTube. However, I was still not confident about it, When I was on my summer vacation, I thought let’s try and do an experiment, let’s see how many people connect to a Hindi Content creator. Because I wanted to do something new which not everyone was doing. Because if I do the same thing, then there are thousands of people already available. That’s what made the difference. Because I wanted to watch content in Hindi, and it was hardly available, so I was thinking that how many people will feel same like me.

So without thinking further, I started experimenting and I started to get lots of attention and appreciation. People took it to their heart and said, this is what that was missing in Indian Tech Community. We support you, keep on going and never lose hope. Now a day when people see my subscribers count of YouTube, many of them get jealous from my success. Because it’s not an easy task, it needs lots of hard work, dedication, being positive, and never give-up attitude, even if many people try to let you down, again and again, Positive support keeps me always motivated, “Do what you are doing, don’t take haters seriously, and we all can grow.

My mother is always my inspiration for doing anything. From day one my mother supported me to do this, every time she motivated me to do better and better, do not think about anyone, keep on going. One day I told her that, I am not feeling good and do not want to continue blogging. Then she said, don’t ever think that. I believe in you, you can do it, just believe in yourself. She told me strictly that, this channel should never be stopped or closed.

Currently it is going very well, lots of tech bloggers acknowledged my work and recognise me without telling about myself, many companies called me for meeting, now every company invites me to join in their launch event. I am also getting some big endorsement which are upcoming, with big brands, I can’t share much details, but things are changing drastically.

  1. Within a short period, you have got good social fans, what ’s the secret?

There is no secret, only thing is a bond, which I created with my viewers, because when I was viewer of someone, I was not connected with such bond. So I made a point that, there should be a connection between viewers. I share this all the time, that connection should be strong enough so that, viewers can come to you again and get the necessary help. When I started blogging I used to respond each and every comment, to connect more with viewers, because they made me via their valuable suggestions, improvements and tremendous support. I worked the way viewers wanted and they got connected to my channel so quickly. These were few things, I feel made my social presence wide and connected with so many fans.

  1. What do you do other than blogging?

I was a working professional till Jan 2015. Currently I am a full time Blogger or a Youtuber, other than blogging I like to spend more time with my 18 months old daughter (Varchasvi), she is very cute and my viewers often ask me to bring her on camera during my LIVE Q&A session. My viewers call her “Junior Sharmaji“. Nothing else I do as of now, because no time left for other things.

  1. Why did you limit the tech reviews to Hindi viewers only?

First thing first, many people criticise that I don’t know English, and that is why I make Hindi Content, so for those people I would like to tell that, I was born in a Hindu family, where Hindi is everything. I studied till 12th standard in Hindi Medium. When I went for Engineering, I struggled in English, but somehow managed with it.

Started working in North India, where everyone speaks in Hindi, even if it is a meeting or something very professional, but when I came to Bangalore, I had to start talking in English. I have done hell number of meeting with British, Americans, Europeans but never faced any issues.

But If I have to rate myself, I would say my English is very bad, you can figure out from this Interview. This could be a reason for someone that, why Hindi?

Now your answer, Hindi is very Important for my vision. I am focused on Hindi content only, because in India whole country don’t understand English. In India there are more than 100 languages that people speak, Hindi is one of them which everyone understand and is very popular, someone may not speak Hindi, but almost everyone is able to understand. Another reason for more Hindi viewers is that big Bollywood Cinema in India, which connects people from Hindi.

  1. How many hours do you work on a daily basis, on your blog?

Initially, there was no timetable for my work, many times I was working late nights, some time I was working till 4AM, sometime sleeping at 6AM. So initial 6-8 months, almost more than 12-14 hours a day, I worked without thinking of my meal. Right now after achieving 73,000 Subscribers on YouTube and quitting my job, I still work for 5-6 hours for creating content and 2-3 hours for helping viewers for their questions and queries.

  1. Tech blogging is very competitive niche, how are you handling it?

When I created my first video, I did not think of anything just produced video and waited for response from viewers. I have not expected that I will get lots of support, I just did a test on myself with Hindi. My first video became my most popular video for about 2 months. Coming back to question, yes it is very difficult, I see many bloggers, who have many more subscribers count than me, but active viewership is less than me. So I keep on improving and making my content more entertaining and interactive, so that viewer feels that “yes this is what we need and good for all of us”.

  1. What are the blogs and or websites you read daily?

I regularly follow,, and few others. On YouTube I mainly follow “Technical Guruji”, “GeekyRanjit”, “Unbox therapy”, “GadgetsToUse” and some others. I am kind of person, who only reads when it is damn required, otherwise I like watch videos. So I follow them on YouTube.

  1. Are you earning from blogging?

Most people answer this diplomatic way, but I am bit straight forward. When I started blogging I was thinking that, if I can earn a little extra from making videos, it will be helpful, as I was working in a company when I started blogging. After 3-4 months I earned close to my salary, with huge support of Indian viewers. After few more month, I resigned from my job and came into blogging and working full time, I do not hesitate to say that I earn from blogging, everyone does that, and I am no exception. People ask how much you earn, then I simply reply more than my salary. Many people don’t believe, but it’s a truth, I earn good from blogging so I do not have to worry about paying my bills.

There is a saying that, “Love what you do, do what you love“. Now I am doing what I love and if it’s give me earning then, I am blessed this is what I would say.

  1. Lastly, are you planning to expand your viewership?

If your question is about expanding content to English, then currently I have no plans for that. Maybe I will never do that, because I have a vision to connect with people who are unaware what technology can do for them. Because tech is available mostly in English, I want to reach each and every such person who wants to learn and get benefited from technology in Hindi, our own language. Many people come to me and say that, we already seen such product review in English, but when we see your review, it’s a charm to see in Hindi, because it feels very own and easy.

English is not India’s native tongue, but still many Indians speak in English, to show that they are more educated than others. I am an engineering graduate, but still I want to talk as much as possible in Hindi. English is a good friend for help, not a burden. I see many viewers comment in poor English, but still they show that, they know English. It’s a good way of learning English as well.

However, I will be planning on expansion of my channel, and I’ve also started my website, and would like reach to as many new people as possible.

Website : Sharma Ji Tech

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Digital Dimensions 4u Interview

It’s all About Mr. Reji. Stephenson is an Indian blogger currently residing in London. He likes to write about Blogging, Online Marketing,Social Media and technology in this blog. Digital Dimensions 4u

1.How was your journey of two years?

First of all, thank you so much for introducing me to your readers through this interview. Being a part-timer in blogging, you can consider my overall blogging journey as a success. I manage my blog after my day job and hence finding time for blogging is a very difficult task to me as myself and my wife both having day job alongside the responsibility of looking after two little children. Still I am happy with the little success I have with my blog and hence it keeps me motivated to continue the journey.

Once if I can dedicate some more time for blogging, I hope I can make it more successful. One of the best things I like about blogging is the networking with fellow bloggers. Also, my blog was mentioned as one of the top 50 technology blogs from India by Rebateszone in 2015

Recently, my name got mentioned in Huffington post along with a bunch of other top professional bloggers as part of a round-up post published by fellow blogger Mr. Philip Verghese Ariel.

These type of things motivate bloggers a lot and is the same for me. Another good thing about blogging is that it helps you to update your knowledge and certain skills in whatever niche you are interested in blogging. So, I can say that in this two years I learned many new things and skills that make me capable of entering to the next higher level.

2.Which blogger, or to be specific, tech bloggers inspired you?

Frankly speaking, I was inspired by a large number of bloggers. So, pointing out one particular blogger is not easy. I can point out few of them instead of just mentioning one name. Matthew Woodward is one blogger who inspired me a lot as I like the way he presents the content. Neil Patel and John Chow are the other two big names. I cannot forget Amit Agrawal and Harsh Agrawal as these two names are an inspiration for any blogger, especially from India.

3.Why do you use the default WordPress comment system?

I am using Comment-Luv plugin for the blog. I don’t know you noticed it or not. Probably, you might have checked my blog on a day when I deactivated the plug-in for one reason or the other.

4.Have you noticed any change in the blogging landscape in the last few years?

The blogging scenario is changing now and then. Nowadays, more and more bloggers are turning to Podcasting and Vlogging. Today, if someone want to get more information about a product or service, the first thing they do is to check whether there is a YouTube video about that or not. Also, apps are becoming more and more popular, and if you don’t have an app for your website, it may put you in the back seat. No need to say that the social medias are changing rapidly, and also more and more social media sites are coming up on the internet on a regular basis. Blogging and social media are very much correlated and hence the blogger need to make changes accordingly. Here, I can conclude that the blogging landscape will never be the same, and it keeps on changing.

5.Do you prefer guest posts on your blog?

I don’t like the idea of having too much guest posts on a blog as well as on other blogs. If you have regular readers on your blog, they may not like to see more guest posts because they access your blog mainly to read the post you write and not for reading other people’s post or ideas. Still, occasional guest posts from reputed writers will make a good impact.

Digital Dimensions 4u


Reji Stephenson

Top 3 Technology Trends that can redefine Education by 2025

When it comes to education, technology has always been neglected, especially in Indian landscape. However, the scenario of technology adoption is progressively changing as the classrooms are getting connected and in a sense is shaking up fundamentals of education industry’s traditional business model.

The laxity of technology adoption in education sector can be seen in all parts of the world. However, the change in mindset has already started changing. It is evident from the extent of capital investment in this sector and the building up of disruptive potential. In 2014, there has been a 55 per cent jump in the venture capital funding in education technology companies, skyrocketing the total amount of funding to almost $2 billion ($1.87 billion to be precise). The paradigm shift has already started to take place and the education industry is all set to reshape by 2025.

Here are 3 technological trends that have the potential of redefining education by the year 2025:

  1. Learn From Anywhere

The biggest possible technological advancement in higher education is MOOCs or Massive Open Online Courses. Per this facility, a faculty through online video lectures leads a course with large number of participating students. Many aspects of education sector are going to be reshaped by MOOCs, per Gartner’s research director Glenda Morgan. People are getting enthusiastic about online learning once again with the advent of Massive Open Online Courses that have influenced many colleges (including some of the leading ones such as Stanford, MIT, and Harvard) in adopting new technology for keeping pace.


Rising popularity of cloud is leveraging MOOCs as it has the potential of making it less risky as well as less expensive. Many start-ups have already started to make its mark as they are raising huge funds for making these online courses successful. While Coursera (having over 14 million registered users) has received funds to the extent of $85 million, Udemy has raised funds to the extent of $65 million in a single year. Reports say that MOOCs are going to take a center seat in education industry in the coming years and the revolution has already started, which will bring a paradigm shift in education by the year 2025.

  1. Digital Credit

Most people acquire knowledge to become graduates and then use that degree to get employed. However, in case of online learning this facility is almost absent. Until and unless digital credit is available for showing “graduates” credentials to potential employers, students will not flock to acquire education online. To offer solutions to problems, there have already been some steps undertaken. Two such examples are virtual badges offered by Credly and Mozilla Open Badges.

  1. Adaptive Learning

In traditional education system, the pace of education imparted rests on the hypothesis that learning ability is same in every student. However, in reality, this is not the case. This is where adaptive learning tools such as artificial intelligence and data science have the potential of playing important roles. One such instance is the development of Pearson MyLab that offers digital courses on the basis of student’s needs, learning preferences, strengths, weaknesses, and learning styles.


Tech Blogger Naveen Interview on


Please find my answers inline, Website :

1)      First things first. Why a blog on testing?

I always have a practice to share tech stuffs to my friends. When I started learning more about performance testing, I felt that only very few quality blogs out there. So I decided to write articles about testing in a very simple plain English.

2)      How has been your blogging journey till now?

Initially I struggled to create an elegant blog; I faced issues in hosting and even my website compromised. After learning about web maintenance, it is a cake walk. I try to post 5-10 articles per month. In the inception, there was no readers as I was not sure about SEO stuffs, but later I figured it out and wrote quality articles. Now I have more than 10K visitors per month.

3)      Tell us something about your e-book?

I have authored two books till date. Right now I am writing about performance testing using LR and JMeter. I am planning to release it in couple months.

4)      How often do you update your blog?

I try to post 5-10 articles per month, sometime I may not post due to project work. But I always try to keep my blog up-to-date.

5)      Is blogging your passion or pastime?

It is a blend of both passion and hobby.

6)      Give some tips for new bloggers?

Do not create blogs just to click on Ads. Focus on content and write unique articles.

Thanks Naveen for Sharing your Thoughts and Precious time..

All the best 🙂

Join Naveen at


What you need to find out about the top Apps launched in recent times

Today, we will be offering you an interesting look at the most useful apps to have made their debut in recent years. Please remember that it’s not really a year-wise specification. These apps are fun, useful and impactful – all at the same time and launched only recently in the market. If you still haven’t installed them or aren’t aware of the same then you can try them out now- but not before taking a look at them, at first.

The best apps to be launched in recent times!

So here’s what we should learn about the best apps to be launched recently. Read on.


downloaddwIt was in the month of March, 2015 that the app had been released with considerable backing from Twitter. It was in no time that the app climbed up the ladder of popularity. Today, it’s the topmost live streaming app out there- used both by media houses as well as individual users to offer easy and hassle-free coverage from the smartphone to the rest of the world. It can well be claimed that Periscope with its very user-friendly interface is a very successful launch- even if you compare the same with the highly popular Meerkat and YouTube. The app’s ever growing community can vouchsafe for the same.


downloaddaAre you aware of what it is? If yes, then you must already have put it in good use. It is an incredible app which can easily make it to the list of favorites of the users who are not really very good at Mathematics. Unable to solve a difficult Mathematics equation? Don’t you worry because Photomath is at your help. You can just take a snap of the particular equation and set your app at work. It will provide you a step-by-step analysis of the entire equation leading up to the answer. The best thing about the app is that it is more of a learning tool than a short-cut.


Backed by Instagram, Layout is an app which makes it easier for you to create collages.  Now, prior to the introduction of Layout users actually had to look for something in the app store which could actually help them stitch the pictures together in a collage. The introduction of Layout was considered to be a saving grace in such a scenario, since it is very easy to move frames with easy click and drag movements. You can actually get the photos shared on Facebook directly as well.


downloadsfdgghOnce again an immensely helpful app. While transferring heavy files on any of the devices remains quite a cumbersome task, here we have this immensely helpful app owing to which you are not really required compressing the files on your e-mails. Thanks to WeTransfer, you can now transfer up to 10GB data without any hassle. You can function quickly and quite easily as well. Many opine that the app is an absolute must-have if you are in the habit of slinging gigabytes among various devices.

Did you like our list?

Textalyzer: Will it lead to a reduced number of road accidents

As we sit down to think what technology can or cannot do, let us tell you that it (technology) has already taken further strides in its quest for betterment of human lives. And, needless to say, there is a clarion call for technological improvement –every time in the wake of a mishap. Let us dig out details.

Textalyzer: A Technological Innovation Aimed at Reducing Car Accidents

Textalyzer is a device that is aimed at reducing the practice of texting during driving. The device will check whether the driver had used his phone while or just a few minutes prior to an accident. It is a bill passed by the New York State Senator Terrence Murphy, where he has called for the textalyzer technology to be introduced – post a collision. As is already mentioned above, the very design behind the introduction of technology would be to find if the driver had been distracted by their mobile devices before or while driving or not.  Additionally, it should not ideally allow any access to photographs, contacts, messages and other personal details. If the driver fails to comply with the proposed test then he might as well stand to lose his driving license.

Do we really need this particular technology?

The need for this particular technology can be felt more acutely when you go through the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports claiming that, on an average, a text can take the user’s eyes off for quite a long time – sufficient to traverse the length of a football ground at highway speed.

Cellebrite, an Israeli firm has revealed that there is already a technology which allows them to check the doings of many smartphones. The company’s CEO has revealed that they are working on a technology which aims at examining smartphone usage without violating the privacy of the user.

Notably, a group called Distracted Operators Risk Casualties had worked closely with the lawmakers on the bill. It came to be known as the Evan’s Law as co-founder Ben Lieberman’s son Evan had been killed in a car crash following the driver’s distraction.

Face Reading Apps: You surely wouldn’t want to miss them

The face reading technology is widely used in the field of both academic research and market research. Today, we will be exploring the way in which this particular technology has actually gone on to impact both the aforementioned fields. Read on to find out more.

FaceReader, for instance, is facial analysis software widely used by research institutes, universities and marketers to analyze consumer behavior and psychology for academic as well as market research. This particular technology can actually go on to analyze six fundamental facial expressions including that of neutral expressions as well as the animated ones. This module is employed for advanced research and reporting, based on the gaze direction, characteristics of a person as well as head orientation. By studying the variant effects of stimuli you can actually go on to find out something like how exactly your audience will respond to a commercial’s new design.

Krush: Find out how it is redefining Face Reading Technology

World renowned software developer, Krush, has taken a leading role in redefining the scope of face reading apps. The two new face reading apps introduced by the company- Emotit for President and Heystax employ technology to help read the expression of autistic children who generally battle difficulties to express themselves. The technology has been developed at the MIT Media Lab. Krush had actually gone to license the technology from Affectiva, the original creators and are mulling its application on a broader base.

Emotit for President is a wonderful app which actually offers you a number of political videos and tracks your expressions while you are actually seeing these videos using the camera in your smartphone. When you are done watching the video, the app will inform you how engaged you were throughout the video and compare the same with others. It can also tell you about the exact moment when people were most excited about the video so that you can track that and get on with the best part of the video. So, basically the face reading apps offer limitless opportunities both for consumers and companies. Businesses can make use of the technology to offer a preview of their products to the audience and track audience reaction and then go on to modify their product in accordance.

The face reading apps from Krush are yet to be introduced in the Google play store and iPhone simply because approval is awaited. Way to go! We must say!

i-Phone 7 and i-Phone 7 Plus: What Apple has in store for you

Almost three months into 2016, and we already know that Apple is not going to release the next version of i-phone until this fall- quite understandably because they are still working on a few developments here and there. So, it is the best time to speculate!

I-Phone 7 and i-Phone 7 Plus? What exactly can you expect?

Now, we are almost sure that they are going to launch both i-Phone 7 and I Phone 7 Plus this season and are expected to continue with their 4.7 and 5.5 screen sizes of their predecessors. They are still presumably working on the body of the phone amidst strong rumors that they will stick to the design of iPhone 6S – only with a slightly trimmer design. The device will not likely have the antenna bands at the back, though its sides, bottom and top will have the same. There is a major “speculation divide” regarding status of a camera, which has lesser protrusion.

And the leaked video…

A recent leaked video of the device suggests that it is all geared to remove a dedicated headphone jack port and replace the same with an all in one dual speaker and lightning cable port. Apple, as such, is even rumored to sell earpods backed by lightning alongside the main device.

The leak video also suggests that Apple is clearly working on a much upgraded camera. The camera slot has been enhanced triggering possibilities of the inclusion of a dual lens camera as well. While iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are clearly in the fray, there are other sources that suggest that iPhone 7 Pro might be in the line as well.

The next generation A 10 processors, 2 GB RAM, 3D Touch chip are expected to be obvious inclusions as well.

Here is a sneak peek into

Can technology be regarded as a potent way to fight Zika?

In the wake of the outbreak of the deadly mosquito-borne infection called Zika in Brazil and other parts of America, researchers once again have turned to technology to combat a perilous health challenge. It has been estimated that the Zika virus is presently poised to affect 4 million lives worldwide. Let’s try to explore the much discussed connect between Zika and technology.

Judging the efficacy of technology in fighting Zika

The question lingers. What is the scope of technology when it comes to addressing Zika? Are we looking at technology as a scalable solution for Zika or just a part of the bells and whistles? Browsing through this particular post will help you understand.

Technology and Zika: The Initiatives and more

A few days back Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg almost made a clarion call to community members to fight the virus by raising awareness. He took to the social networking site to announce the collaboration between Facebook and non-profit Abrasco Divulga in Brazil as part of this noble effort, which they plan to introduce across Latin America as well. Zuckerberg, went on to point out how the virus has spread across twenty countries and assumed the shape of the biggest health challenge in recent times. He rued the lack of proper medicines to address the present situation but shared a video featuring valuable advice for pregnant women (the virus is primarily known to affect pregnant ladies thereby engendering brain damage for their babies). Here is the video shared by him:


From Awareness to Execution: Gene Drive

Genetic drive is hailed as a potent weapon in the fight against these virus carrying mosquitoes. This particular technology is much more powerful than the simplistic genetic modification and entails the distribution of genes to a vast population of mosquitoes. Scientists are hopeful about the total extinction of this population of mosquitoes if it works as effectively as is expected. While genetic modification of mosquitoes entails the creation of modified male mosquitoes for killing local population, genetic drive has a much wider scope, whereby it can wipe off a vast number of disease carrying mosquitoes.

While people in general are yet to approve of genetic modification, let us tell you that the technology under consideration here has the power to spread an altered gene through the vast population of malaria carrying mosquitoes thereby enabling them resist a parasite which is presently responsible for killing over 400,000 people a year.

Besides the obvious and more powerful technological ways of fighting the Zika virus, there are some who believe that our cell phones can be used for tracking Zika hot spots across the globe and step up efforts to prevent the same as well. Pakistan and Africa have already utilized this technology in their struggle against dengue and malaria respectively. Not only can phones be used for tracking places affected by Zika but also for predicting which areas might as well be affected in future. Once the data regarding the places affected, is collected, the same can be used for future predictions, pertaining to the possible spread of the disease. (Source:


A Few Words about Eco-friendly Gadgets for your Home

We’re talking about the green revolution. Yes! Everyone seems to be interested in environment friendliness today and this interest has manifested itself in each and every part of our lives. We are looking at a future where “green” will not really be restricted to awareness campaigns or green drives or for that matter to books. Eco-friendly homes are a reality today. Environment friendly gadgets are much coveted as well. However, the sad truth is, every company today will try to pass off its product as eco-friendly – sometimes even if they are not so.

Going green what you should do

As such, it becomes very important for consumers to keep themselves aware of the right ways to purchase eco-friendly gadgets. For instance, you might as well come across sellers comparing their products with old items that don’t even exist today. When compared to the newer models, the product thus marketed may not turn out to be a worthy buy. So, it is important to conduct your own research before buying an environment-friendly gadget. Continuing with old gadgets as long as they are performing for you is also a means to keep your carbon footprints under control, since the creation of new gadgets involves substantial amount of emissions related to shipping and manufacturing.

Illustration of a bar code with text, grungy look, isolated on white background. To indicate sustainable product and services.

Eco-friendly packaging of gadgets: Things to know

Gadgets packaged in an environment friendly manner are also branded as eco-friendly. Several companies, today, have started using wood for packing their products instead of plastic. However, wood will only be considered to be environment friendly when it is procured from bamboo- since it grows fast and is found in abundance. Talking of plastic, let us tell you that it is not that bad for the environment as well- since it is durable and can last for a long time thereby minimizing the need for manufacturing of new products and shipping the same.

Environment-friendly Gadgets

Your research would even tell you about a few environment friendly gadgets that can be a part of your homes. The fact that you can go the eco-friendly way even with a charger (and not necessarily an expensive gadget) substantiates what we have already said. Green revolution has touched even the minutest part of our lives.  The SunPort solar charger can even help you charge your device on the move. It doesn’t have solar panels attached to its body but uses solar energy to charge your device.

Are you mad about coffee? Then, you must check out The Girasol Solar Coffee Maker. Designed by Christopher G. Patton, this particular device is also powered by solar energy. Preparing a piping hot cup of coffee is literally a breeze! And guess what? You aren’t even harming the environment.

Solencia Lucy is another piece of beauty which can be a part of your home, owing to its environment friendly aspect. It is a smart lamp which reflects the sunlight falling on it.  This is a great fit for rooms that remain dark most of the times even if they have doors and windows.



Smartphones 2016: A Small Preview

Like its immediate predecessors, 2016 has some great news for smartphone addicts- simply because there are some stellar launches lined up this year. Let us take a look at the “smartest of smartphones” to be introduced this year. What expectations do tech gurus have from these phones? Are they worth an investment? Do they have what it takes to justify the price brackets? Can they better their predecessors? Let us find out.

Smartphones to be launched in 2016: We are ready for you!

As you wait for the next line up of smartphones to be launched in the year 2016, we are ready with our list. There might as well be more than ten to fifteen launches. However, we have picked the top 3 to 4 smartphones to debut in 2016. So read on!iphone-8-concept-2

Apple iPhone 7

Quite expectedly, this one has it to make it at the top of our list. And they’re saying that the flagship is going to launch iPhone 7 Plus as well—but before that let us find out what Apple iPhone 7 has in store for us. Set to hit the market in September, 2016, Apple iPhone 7 has already got the tech space go berserk. The expected features backing this particular device, in all probability, have been listed below:

  • Major design changes
  • A10 processor
  • Faster than its predecessor
  • D-jack headphone jack
  • Might get bigger (rumored)
  • Touch ID display (expected)
  • Waterproof protection
  • eSIM

Google Nexus 6

Once again, tech experts suggest that it is too early to speculate the launch of Google Nexus 6. However, if Huawei does introduce the phone, it is most likely to have features such as those mentioned below:Google-Nexus-6-by-Motorolla

  • Snapdragon 820chip (Tipped to be more energy efficient than its predecessors supporting Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0)
  • Android N
  • Combination of Android and USB-C

The probable release date is October 2016. As already mentioned above, it’s a tad premature to speculate the introduction of Nexus 6 now. However, we just couldn’t risk keeping such a flagship out of our list. It doesn’t matter whether it is launched this year, it is most likely to be backed by the aforementioned features if and when launched.

LG  G5

The biggest rumor doing the rounds is that LG is planning to introduce iris scanner to the phone and that it has already started working with Irience for the same. It is also predicted that the phone will have a battery with larger capacity (likely up to 4000Ah). Plus, it might also have the ability to charge the battery wirelessly.

Be a smart buyer

What exactly is your pick for this year? As an unadulterated tech buff you might as well be too eager to find out about the smartphones that are going to take 2016 by storm. Make sure you are reading detailed reviews before buying your favorite phone. Flagship, price, features or convenience—what’s gonna be your pick? Do consider this small preview before taking your pick as well!

Some Interesting Facts Yogita Says

  1. What made you to start a blog on technology niche and not anything else? Any inspirational story you would like to share?

I created DreamTechie because I wanted to write about Blogging, SEO, SMO and Tech tools those I use and then later on I realized I should expand it and I added other categories like Content, Gadgets, Apps, Computer Tips & Tricks and more.  There is no inspirational story behind it but yes I started DreamTechie because I wanted to write about my knowledge & resources so that other people can get benefitted. In short I started tech blog because of my profession.

And I am happy to share that after one year of successful tech blogging, I started and LetUsPublish is more a lifestyle and entertainment magazine and now both blogs are doing great on web.


  1. What do you think is the key thing about technical/ social media blogging?

I feel for technical or social media blogging one should be very quick & well updated with the current trends because every another day we have a new technology and if you are blogging about tech then you have to be very quick for sharing latest trends on your blog to attract the huge numbers of readers.

  1. Some tips you would like to recommend to professionals interested in blogging so they can continue with it along with work just like you?

The only suggestion that I have for professionals is –

Start your blog by keeping your interest in mind.

The most successful bloggers started blogging as hobby and now they are expert.

One should only start the blog on topic he/she is really sure about otherwise with the passage of time yo10452341_818499838160377_3321154091914478092_nu will lose your interest in blogging.

  1. In the next 5 years what are your plans on your blog! What more can we expect?

This one is very interesting question to answer. I am into multi niche blogging & vlogging and that thing actually makes me feel really good. In coming years I will be the one of the most known web media brands.

From blogs to social I will be surrounded by lakhs of readers and followers. My blog and social updates are going to educate and entertain thousands of followers.

I will be having my team and an office setup and at that time you will call me an entrepreneur.

And last I will be paying a huge income tax to government J

  1. Any promotional technique you would like to share which would help other bloggers to follow your footprint?

For any blogger, networking is really important. Networking is the best way to promote oneself. And with right networking you will also earn Word-of-mouth advertising for yourself.

Follow experts of your niche and analyze how he is empowering himself. You will get the best promotional tips for you.

  1. What do you think is the USP of your blog? What makes it different than the rest of them.

For both of my blogs, USP is to be best in the original form and for that we don’t need to compete with others. With the passage of time I just want to make my blogs more entertaining and informative for the readers. I am not in hurry to earn money and stardom but I would prefer to be silent yet smarter at work.

While selecting a topic what is your prime selection criteria?

I always try to come up with topics those are helpful for the readers. Helpful blog posts act as evergreen content for the blogs.

Also I like to write about the trends, to keep myself updated with the latest trends I follow Twitter and Facebook trends.

  1. In real life how Tech savvy are you when it comes to gadgets?

I am the one who love to click pictures and for that I want to experience best mobile cameras.  I love to try out different gadgets but still my personal gadgets are limited. I don’t like to change gadgets very frequently. These days I have Dell laptop, Asus & Xiomi Smartphone, Avantree headphone and Xiomi power bank.

Because of the review purpose I receive many gadgets. I experienced most of Asus, Intex, and couple of Samsung, Acer and Motorola.

  1. Some years from now if you plan to start another blog, what will it be on?( Technology/ Health/ Food/ Fashion etc)

Well As of now I am not willing to start any other blog because I already did. LetUsPublish is another blog of mine and doing very well. Now I just want to expand it more.

BTW LetUsPublish is a lifestyle cum entertainment webmagazine where you can read more about Technology/ Health/ Food/ Fashion/Travel and more.

  1. Your success story behind being a successful web marketer? Some what to follow, how to tips!

I am successful in my work as a blogger and marketer because I love my work and I am very comfortable with this. No one forced me to choose this profession.  I am always very keen to explore more of Blogging and Digital Marketing.

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